WIP Editorial

  1. Top 5 Violations For The Water And Wastewater Sectors

    The water and wastewater sectors are mostly regulated by their own organizations because they are exempt from federal OSHA regulations. But utilities are responsible for more than delivering water and wastewater treatment services. They must provide a workplace that is free from known hazards.

  2. Hurricane Harvey Wreaked Havoc On People’s Health — Texas Should Be Better Prepared Next Time

    The National Hurricane Center in January confirmed what many Texans already knew: Hurricane Harvey’s overwhelming rainfall — and the devastation it left behind — was unlike anything recorded in U.S. history.

  3. Enhanced Crop Yields Through Water Penetration

    Known for the “best potatoes in the world,” the state of Idaho generates approximately $4 billion in annual agricultural revenue (according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2017).

  4. The Energy Reality Behind Cape Town's Water Crisis — And Why The U.S. Should Care

    In Cape Town, South Africa, the countdown is on for Day Zero when water taps in the city of 4 million people are expected to run dry.

  5. The Perfect Storm Of Water Innovation

    Cincinnati has got something going on. Something strong, something bold. Over this past week my colleagues and I have had the opportunity to work and mentor some of the most passionate and talented individuals from around the world who care a lot about water. Individuals from Sydney, London, Menlo Park, Oakland, Wise (VA), Orono (ME), and Cincinnati. They care a lot about water and they care a lot about their small businesses. They come to Cincinnati, Hamilton, and the Greater Cincinnati Region to pursue their dreams and passions. Welcome to Pipeline H2O!

  6. How Much Do We Care About Water Resources And Water Safety?

    Now that the Trump infrastructure plan has been released, the question is, “Will it hold water?”

  7. Hurricane Harvey: Climate Change, Staggering Costs, And People At The Heart Of It All

    Texans are no stranger to the devastation of hurricanes. I still vividly remember, as a young child in Austin, being scared of Alicia in 1983 — and thankful that we lived at the top of the hill. Alicia caused nearly $2 billion in damages, a record at the time, and the category 3 storm was so destructive that its name was retired. But only a few years later, that record was broken...

  8. Design First, Build Later

    Sounds simple. It makes sense. But far too many people do not do this. They put together an idea, a process, but fail to take the design to completion before starting to build. Cutting corners always comes at a price. There is an old saying in Project Management, “You can have it good, fast, or cheap. Pick any TWO”. Cutting corners will bump your cost, decrease quality, or possibly both.

  9. Is Cryptocurrency Going Down the Drain?

    Talk about making waves. Cryptocurrency — digital “tokens” or “coins” rooted in computer code and valued for the very fact that they are disconnected from governments and banks — have experienced spectacular rises and falls in recent months. The crypto-economy is already worth hundreds of billions of dollars (REAL dollars!), and it’s anyone’s guess how fast it will grow after that.

  10. Water And The Internet of Things: 2018

    I became interested in water and the Internet of Things (IoT) several years ago when I had a below groundwater leak at home that resulted in a large water bill. Since I live in the Silicon Valley, CA, the high tech capital of the world, I thought there should be a better way to track water usage so problems can be identified and solved sooner.