Water Reuse Videos

  1. The Application Of UV In Reuse (Video)

    Water reuse is being adopted in the US as industry and communities recognize the need for a steady and sustainable water source for their future. In this Water Online video, Adam Festger, Market Manager for Trojan Technologies, discusses the Orange County groundwater replenishment system and other recent water reuse projects that Trojan UV has been involved in.

  2. The Benefits Of Closed-Channel UV Over Open-Channel Disinfection

    The era of dumping waste into rivers is almost over. So says Jon McClean, Chief Technical Officer with ETS-UV, an Evoqua brand. McClean who has been working in UV water treatment for over 30 years recently sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the growth of water reuse and specifically UV’s role in water reclamation.

  3. The Acceptance Of Water Reuse

    Navigating the regulatory map when it comes to water reuse is difficult. The repurposing of wastewater for clean water purposes falls somewhere between the federal Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. Currently, each U.S. state is tasked with coming up with their own regulatory framework for water reuse within the context of their other water quality and water rights regulations.

  4. Next Generation Membranes For Water Reuse

    Born out of UCLA and the California Inner Systems Institute, Water Planet is focused on revolutionizing water reuse through next generation membrane technology. As Erik Hoek, CEO of Water Planet, explains in this Water Online Radio interview, the company has two core technologies.

  5. Meteor IFAS Process

    The Meteor® IFAS/MBBR technology offers flexible solutions to a multitude of biological process upgrade applications such as nitrogen removal, treatment capacity increase and wastewater reuse.

  6. Ozone Disinfection For Water Reuse

    According to Jim Jackson, Director of Municipal Sales for Mazzei Injector Company, we’re a few years away from direct potable reuse, often referred to as “toilet to tap.” However, Jackson is seeing a growing reuse of water in supplementing feed waters to reservoirs, using membrane filtration, UV, multi-media filtration and ozone to purify this water. 

  7. People Drink Sewage Water For The First Time

    Rather drink sewage water than LA tap water any day.

  8. Fluence Cuts The Cost Of Water With Nirobox

    The Nirobox containerized system provides desalination of brackish and sea water in a small plug-and-play system that is affordable, efficient, and easy to maintain.

  9. Coca-Cola And WEF Share Water Vision

    With over 1,000 manufacturing sites in more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola Company knows a thing or two about water. And much of that knowledge is housed in Paul Bowen’s organization.

  10. Replacing The Traditional Use Of Chlorine As A Disinfectant

    Steve Day, Marketing and Product Management Director with Calgon Carbon UV Technologies sat down with Water Online Radio to talk about his company, and UV technology.