Water Reuse Videos

  1. Ozone Disinfection For Water Reuse

    According to Jim Jackson, Director of Municipal Sales for Mazzei Injector Company, we’re a few years away from direct potable reuse, often referred to as “toilet to tap.” However, Jackson is seeing a growing reuse of water in supplementing feed waters to reservoirs, using membrane filtration, UV, multi-media filtration and ozone to purify this water. 

  2. People Drink Sewage Water For The First Time

    Rather drink sewage water than LA tap water any day.

  3. Fluence Cuts The Cost Of Water With Nirobox

    The Nirobox containerized system provides desalination of brackish and sea water in a small plug-and-play system that is affordable, efficient, and easy to maintain.

  4. Coca-Cola And WEF Share Water Vision

    With over 1,000 manufacturing sites in more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola Company knows a thing or two about water. And much of that knowledge is housed in Paul Bowen’s organization.

  5. Replacing The Traditional Use Of Chlorine As A Disinfectant

    Steve Day, Marketing and Product Management Director with Calgon Carbon UV Technologies sat down with Water Online Radio to talk about his company, and UV technology.

  6. Membrane Systems For Dirty Water

    One of the leading water technology companies, Dow Water and Process Solutions, is pioneering ways to improve our water supply — by making the dirtiest waters clean again.

  7. Applications For Indirect And Direct Potable Reuse

    Toray Membrane U.S. is part of Toray Industries, a Japanese firm that services the municipal and industrial markets in both drinking water and wastewater reuse. Founded in 1926, they have been working on membrane technologies since the late ’60s. Toray is one of the largest suppliers of desalination membranes in the entire world, mainly through the Middle East and North Africa.

  8. Building A Better (Aeration) Mousetrap

    Jim Lauria, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Mazzei Injector Company, joined Water Online radio to discuss unconventional water sources, and what his company is doing to draw water from different sources.

  9. UV Treatment Gains Traction In Reuse Applications (Video)

    Fresh off TrojanUV being named manufacturer of the year by the WateReuse Association, Water Online caught up with Jennifer Muller, Vice President of Global Municipal Sales for TrojanUV at this year’s WEFTEC, to understand how ultra violet systems are being applied in the growing movement towards direct and indirect potable water reuse.

  10. DE NORA TETRA™ Wastewater Filtration

    De Nora is a global leader in water and wastewater treatment solutions, with more than 90 offices worldwide and $600 million turnover, and state-of-the-art filtration, disinfection and instrumentation technologies.