Water Reuse News

  1. Associations Unite In Support Of Water Reuse Investment

    The WateReuse Association joined seven other water sectors groups last week in urging the Bureau of Reclamation to use a portion of newly received drought response funds to invest in water reuse activities.

  2. Veolia Wins Three Waste Treatment Contracts With Westminster City Council

    Veolia will provide a suite of sustainable solutions based on its industry expertise and extensive treatment infrastructure to help the Council reach its target of zero waste to landfill.

  3. Biwater’s City Of Altamonte Springs Project Receives International Award For Innovative Water Project, pureALTA

    At the IWA Project Innovation Awards in Tokyo, Japan, the City of Altamonte Springs’ water treatment project, pureALTA, received a top award in the Market-Changing Water Technology and Infrastructure category.

  4. Call For Abstracts Open For 33rd Annual WateReuse Symposium

    WateReuse, the nation’s only trade association dedicated to advancing laws, policy, funding and public acceptance of recycled water, is accepting abstracts for the 33rd Annual WateReuse Symposium.

  5. Fluence Achieves Financial Close For US$48M San Quintin, Mexico Project

    Fluence Corporation Limited is pleased to announce that it has reached financial close for its seawater desalination project for its customer, Comisión Estatal del Agua de Baja California (CEA), the State Water Commission of Baja California, to provide water for the town of San Quintin, Mexico.

  6. PUB And Mitsubishi Build Demo-Scale Plant To Test Technologies For Future Tuas Water Reclamation Plant

    National water agency PUB is building a demonstration-scale Integrated Validation Plant to test the technologies that could potentially be implemented at the future Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (WRP).

  7. Controversial Plan Offers Recycled Water Across Jurisdictional Lines

    Is recycled water the next great hope for the water supply, or just a major inconvenience? Depends who you're talking to. 

  8. Tucson To Expand Water Recycling Efforts

    Tucson residents may start drinking recycled water in the next few years.

  9. Zinkan Enterprises Inc. (ZEI) Is An Authorized Dealer Of Matec

    ZEI announced today that they partnered with Matec and are now an authorized dealer. Matec specializes in the design and development of waste water purification and filtration plants for the aggregate, stone, wastewater, sand, gravel, ceramics, and glass industries.

  10. Envirocycle Achieves Major Milestone In Home Sewage Treatment And Water Recycling

    A new report by UH at Mānoa details that a major milestone has been achieved in the quest to fight the Hawai’i cesspool pollution epidemic by wastewater treatment technology innovation company Envirocycle Hawai’i (www.EnvirocycleHawaii.com).