Water Loss and Leak Detection Products and Services

  1. Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor

    The JCS Industries Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor is a low cost, non-contact and easy to install measurement device designed for monitoring trace amounts of compressed gaseous water treatment chemicals such as, but not limited to: chlorine, sulfur dioxide and ammonia in a closed or open environment.

  2. Echologics Trunk Main Leak Detection

    Virtually every water utility has at some point experienced a catastrophic failure of a large-diameter trunk main, resulting in damage to both the water main itself and the surrounding infrastructure.

  3. Echologics LeakMonitor - Permanent Leak Detection

    Pipelines are a valuable asset and leakage or failure can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs.

  4. Correlated, Acoustic Leak Detection System: Aclara STAR® ZoneScan

    Non-revenue water loss due to underground leaks is a major headache for utilities — and losses often worsen as the infrastructure ages. What’s more, leaks often erupt into major infrastructure failures. Aclara STAR ZoneScan is the industry’s only remotely correlated acoustic leak-detection solution that uses time-synchronized sound recordings to identify leak locations on the main. The sound recordings are made by underground equipment in the field and later correlated at the utility, pinpointing leaks before they become expensive emergencies. The solution’s hands-off operation as well as automated data collection and analysis saves money, time, and resources.

  5. Leak Detection
    With today's rising water rates, depleted sources and consumer awareness at an all time high, Waterline Leak Detection, as the cornerstone of any conservation program, is an absolute must
  6. Leak Detection
    One of the major causes of unaccounted-for water loss is leaking pipes
  7. Leak Detection and Repair Tracking
    Specialized Systems Software has developed, in conjunction with Utility Services Associates, a program for tracking
  8. Leak Detection Brochure

    This full-color brochure explains how fluorescent leak

  9. Leak Detection System
    Z-Corr, an advanced digital, correlating acoustic logging system, has been designed to utilize patented digital technology to simplify the leak detection process for buried water, steam and fuel lines