Water Loss and Leak Detection Podcasts

  1. Distribution System Monitoring: How To Collect Data In Remote Locations

    Consistent and reliable data acquisition is recognized as essential to efficient operations and asset management. But collecting data outside the plant can be difficult, especially when no power is available.

  2. Water Preservation And Conservation Aided By Intelligent Software

    According to Ian MacLeod, water preservation and water conservation are all about accountability. Consumers being held accountable to conserve. And utilities are recognizing the need to effectively preserve the water they treat.

  3. Intelligent Metering Paves Way For Water Efficiency

    When it comes to metering, simple is best. Meters that have no moving parts are more accurate in low flow applications, explains Torsten Hagele of Diehl Metering in an interview with Water Online Radio.

  4. Emerging Water Loss Regulations Open The Doors For Innovation

    For a long time the focus in the drinking water space has been on water quality. While this is extremely important, there is another pressing water issue that should take the forefront.

  5. Don’t Wait: Detect Leaks In Real Time

    We are a society with little patience. We want what we want when we want it, and not a moment later. That same mentality should be applied to water distribution networks, believes Matt Thomas, vice president of business development with Mueller Systems.

  6. The Problem Every Utility Should Be Working To Fix

    In areas with an abundance of water, leak detection isn’t always made a priority. But every utility should be working to reduce non-revenue water, says Marc Bracken, vice president and general manager of Echologics.

  7. Water Pressure Monitoring: The First Step In Distribution System Intelligence

    For water utilities, understanding water pressure in the distribution system is a critical component of managing their community’s water supply. In this interview with Water Online Radio, Paul Gifford, Director of Research and Development for Mueller Company, explains how surprised many customers are when they learn what their water pressure actually is.

  8. Researchers Cross Oceans To Create Cutting-Edge Leak Detection Robot

    Two prestigious universities have come together to tackle water loss. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Saudi Arabia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), created an innovative in-pipe leak detection robot, which uses pressure gradients to identify leaks. The detector — which operates autonomously — can sense leaks at any angle around the circumference of the pipe.

  9. Digital Water Meters Maximize Accuracy, Minimize Loss

    Davidson Water pilot-tested a variety of meters before landing on a digital water meter with no moving parts and the ability to capture low flows to provide reliability and accurate data logging information to its residential customers.

  10. Advanced Metering Analytics Brings Higher Visibility To Water

    Morrice Blackwell, Marketing Manager at Badger Meter, explains how Advanced Metering Analytics enhances understanding of usage data for both water customers and utilities.