Intelligent Metering Paves Way For Water Efficiency


When it comes to metering, simple is best. Meters that have no moving parts are more accurate in low flow applications, explains Torsten Hagele of Diehl Metering in an interview with Water Online Radio.

“They are very, very robust and insensitive to solids and really are accurate for the life of the meter,” he says in the interview with Todd and Todd.

Conservation efforts are driving the need for greater low flow accuracy as well as other cutting-edge metering technologies.   Intelligent metering solutions, like automatic meter reading systems and, metering analytics, provide customer information that helps them become more water efficient.

“Automatic meter reading analytics provide customers a comparison to others that shows their consumption patterns, their consumption profiles, and what can they do better in order to conserve,” says Hagele. “We’re talking 10 to 20 percent of water savings the people can do by really interacting with the utility.”

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