Water Loss and Leak Detection Podcasts

  1. Leveraging Water Data: The Future Is Here!

    Technology is on pace to reach a milestone of 26 billion devices connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) by the end of 2019. In the water industry, IoT capabilities are enabling utilities to leverage meter reading data collected via secure private cellular networks to satisfy multiple purposes — increasing its value exponentially. In this Water Talk interview, Kristie Anderson from Badger Meter discusses how advances in smart solutions, smart water, and smart city technology are delivering real-world benefits that seemed like futuristic promises just a few short years ago.

  2. Lowering The Cost Of Leak Detection

    Aging infrastructure is shaping up to be an enormous burden on municipalities. The next 30 years will require a $1 trillion investment just to keep up with the replacement curve for water distribution pipes. At the same time, leak targeting and physical condition assessment of existing networks is an expensive proposition. In this Water Talk interview, Doug Hatler, chief revenue officer for Fracta, discusses the application of artificial intelligence in advanced screening solutions to bring those evaluation costs down.

  3. Using Technology To Get An Edge On Water Loss

    Water loss is a massive problem for municipalities as distribution system leaks, metering inaccuracies, and theft combine to waste an average of 30 percent, or more, of treated product. While progress is being made on the issue — also known as non-revenue water, or NRW — there is still plenty of room for improvement. In this Water Talk interview, Jeff McCracken, a director of operations and management solutions for Itron, discusses advanced technology that digs into data to help locate both the real and apparent losses facing water managers.

  4. Turning To The Skies To Tackle Water Loss

    As aging pipes continue to deteriorate, non-revenue water is growing into a pretty staggering challenge for the water utility industry. Many municipalities try to tackle the problem by walking the many miles of their drinking water distribution lines with leak detectors. However, an advanced solution is emerging that can pinpoint these leaks from the skies. In this Water Talk interview, James Perry, vice president of business development for Utilis Corp., discussed new technology that searches for leaks using a remote sensing device on a satellite 400 miles above the earth.

  5. Don’t Overlook The Role Of Leaky Mains In Water Loss

    Leaking distribution lines are a significant contributor to municipal water loss, but transmission mains have the potential to leak every bit as much, and sometimes even more. These leaks can go on for years without being found. In this Water Talk interview, Mike Funk, business development manager for the East Coast for Hydromax USA, discusses an advanced inline leak detection solution available to address the water loss problem.

  6. New AMI Capabilities Help Satisfy Utility Aims

    Finding new ways to capture and utilize data is important for utilities looking to improve operating efficiency and customer service. This interview with Frank Brooks and Dave Rubin from Aclara — a smart-infrastructure solutions partner for water, gas, and/or electric utilities — outlines ways to do both within a common infrastructure.

  7. Intelligent Fire Hydrants Provide Utilities With System Performance Data

    Historically, most fire hydrants sit idle after they are installed. They were there for that one day that hopefully never shows up. But in today’s connected world, fire hydrants are becoming an important asset in understanding the water distribution system, allowing utilities to monitor their water system operation and predict leaks.

  8. Leak Detection Advancement

    For those unable to attend, the Internet of Things (IoT) was firmly part of the conversation at this year’s American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Annual Convention and Exposition (ACE) in Philadelphia. If you haven’t heard the term, you’re going to hear a lot more of it in the years ahead. None more so than in the world of water distribution systems where it can provide real-time reporting to utility managers charged with systems upkeep, maintenance and reliability.

  9. Out Of This World Leak Detection

    Solving the problem of non-revenue water starts with leak detection. Many utilities live with leaks because of the time, labor, and expense involved in detecting, prioritizing and fixing them.  

  10. Technologies For Detecting Water Loss

    As water loss continues to concern many utilities, American Leak Detection’s franchise business model continues to “plug many a hole.” As Adam Gray, Director of Marketing for American Leak Detection, explains in this Water Online Radio interview, the franchise model is effective on numerous levels, whether it be providing the leak detection expertise that a utility doesn’t necessarily have on staff or allowing leak detection experts to share their insights and knowledge across the franchise network.