Water Loss and Leak Detection News

  1. Little Egg Harbor Builds Customer Trust Through Sensus Technology

    Each summer brings a flock of vacationers to seaside homes in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, but during the cold winter months those nests empty and water pipes can easily freeze. Once one bursts and floods an unoccupied house, the leak can go unnoticed, causing serious and expensive property damage. 

  2. CA-NV AWWA Launches Water Loss Technical Assistance To California Urban Water Systems

    The American Water Works Association’s California-Nevada Section (CA-NV AWWA) is pleased to announce the launch of its Water Loss Technical Assistance Program (Water Loss TAP), a $3.2M dollar program that will run approximately 2 years to train and assist California’s urban water agencies to produce validated system water audits.

  3. Cavanaugh/WSO Team Selected To Provide Water Loss Technical Assistance To California Urban Water Systems

    Cavanaugh is pleased to announce that it has been selected for Phase 1 of a Water Loss Technical Assistance Program (Water Loss TAP) contract from the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association (CA-NV AWWA).

  4. Meet Phyn: A Joint Venture Focused On Intelligent Water From Belkin And Uponor

    Belkin International, a leading consumer electronics manufacturer and creators of the Wemo smart home brand, recently announced the formation of Phyn LLC, a new joint venture with Uponor, a leading international systems and solutions provider for safe drinking water delivery, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling, and reliable infrastructure.

  5. Unitywater Teams Up With TaKaDu To Make Cloud-Based Network Monitoring A Reality For Small Water Utilities

    Australian water utility Unitywater and TaKaDu, a global leader in integrated event management solutions for the water industry, recently announced a collaboration enabling TaKaDu to offer its IoT cloud-based solution to other water utilities across Queensland.

  6. Hydromax USA And Utilis LTD Partner To Provide Satellite-Based Leak Detection Services For Water Utilities Across The U.S.

    Hydromax USA recently announced their partnership with Utilis LTD to exclusively provide water utilities and municipalities across the Central and Eastern United States the ability to analyze satellite imagery to detect water leaks within their network infrastructure without the time and manpower of field-based acoustic surveys.

  7. Aquam Innovation Day Highlights Leakage Best Practice

    Some of the latest technology available in the battle against leakage was on display at an Innovation Day held at the UK headquarters of Aquam.

  8. Syrinix Announces Entry Into Nevada

    Syrinix, a leading provider of intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions, is excited to announce its entry into the state of Nevada, USA.

  9. District Partners With Ocala On WaterSmart Program, Reveals Water Savings

    A recent partnership between the St. Johns River Water Management District and the City of Ocala has saved over 4 million gallons of water in 5 months. The savings were achieved after implementing a water-savings WaterSmart program in October 2015 across 5,000 residential utility customers. 

  10. Water Solutions With Danfoss Technologies Showcased At The White House

    The Administration hosted a White House Water Summit on March 22 to raise awareness of water issues and potential solutions in the United States.