Water Loss and Leak Detection Industry Updates

  1. Databotics: The Future Of Pipeline Maintenance?

    Some industry observers say the future of clean water depends on the convergence of several high-tech industries in a field known as “databotics.”

  2. Report Reveals High Cost Of Non-Revenue Water

    A new report by an environmental group highlights the dire nature of the water infrastructure crisis.

  3. The Future Of Water Management

    To minimize losses and address mounting concerns, the water industry is now adopting advanced sensor and communications solutions designed specifically for “smart” Internet of Things (IoT) water management. In large part, the move toward implementing smart water solutions is being driven by stricter government compliance requirements, the evolution of smart cities, and the need for water conservation.

  4. Water For 40,000 At Risk Due To Line Repairs

    The city of Jackson, MS, is warning residents that they may lose water service this weekend as workers undertake major repairs on the water system.

  5. 'Ghost Water' Haunts Kansas City

    Kansas City, MO, is haunted by a big non-revenue water problem and local media has a name for this issue: ghost water.

  6. New Jersey Committee Adopts Water Audit Bill To Cut Losses

    A New Jersey legislative committee adopted a bill enabling water company audits that can determine how much water is lost on its journey to customers.

  7. Google Damages Water, Sewer Lines In San Antonio

    Deploying Google Fiber, the internet search company’s superfast connection service, in San Antonio was meant to provide the city with a cutting edge internet option. But installation has proved problematic for water and sewer operations.

  8. How Maine Water Saved 100 Million Gallons Last Year

    Maine Water saved an impressive amount of water last year. The utility attributed the savings to experienced water workers, new technology, and infrastructure upgrades.

  9. New Jersey Loses 130 Million Gallons Of Water Per Day

    New Jersey is losing around 130 million gallons of treated drinking water per day, according to a new study that attempts to shed light on the “largely hidden” problem of water loss in the Garden State.

  10. Infrastructure Crisis Evident In Mega Main Breaks

    A water main break in a Texas city recently flooded an entire neighborhood, displacing families and sending a stream through homes and lawns.