Water Loss and Leak Detection Industry Updates

  1. Should Leaks Mean Billing Break?

    At a time when utilities are struggling with cost pressures and crumbling infrastructure, cities across the country are struggling with questions around their leak policies and if residents should get a break on their bills when they spring a leak.

  2. How To Predict Pipe Failures

    An extensive research project has developed a new method for predicting pipeline failures, offering a potential savior to drinking water systems.

  3. 5 Keys On Reducing Non-Revenue Water

    Water loss is a constant concern for drinking water utilities. After all of the hard (and expensive) work it takes to get a purified product out of the plant, losing it to leaks and aging infrastructure before it reaches ratepayers can be problematic.

  4. How To Save Water During Unidirectional Flushing

    A common water-industry practice has utilities flushing thousands of gallons of treated water down the drain. But some experts say new technology can make the process more efficient.

  5. Drinking Up The Election: How Presidential Candidates Are Addressing Water Concerns

    Election season is in full swing and while it may not be the “hottest” topic being debated amongst presidential candidates, the topic of water isn’t being ignored as we approach November. Several candidates have addressed the challenges plaguing water and wastewater systems nationwide.

  6. How A Utility Deploys Human Hearing Against Water Loss

    Despite developments in data analytics and technology to help water utilities detect leaks, the best resource may be low-tech.

  7. Sinkholes And Water Outages: Main Ruptures Plague NYC

    A major water main break in New York City left hundreds of people without tap water last week.

  8. Syracuse The Latest City To Use Data In The Fight Against Water Main Breaks

    Facing urgent water infrastructure challenges, Syracuse, NY, is trying to use data as a weapon against water main breaks.

  9. Colorado Takes Aim At Water Loss In Ambitious Plan

    If Colorado water utilities don’t crack down on water loss, the state is unlikely to reach its goal of conserving 130 billion gallons of water a year by 2050.

  10. Six Water Startups Look To Transform The Industry

    The Water Council has announced the latest startup companies to win access to its BREW Accelerator program, designed to help each company bring its innovative water tech to the market.