Water Loss and Leak Detection Industry Updates

  1. Syracuse The Latest City To Use Data In The Fight Against Water Main Breaks

    Facing urgent water infrastructure challenges, Syracuse, NY, is trying to use data as a weapon against water main breaks.

  2. Colorado Takes Aim At Water Loss In Ambitious Plan

    If Colorado water utilities don’t crack down on water loss, the state is unlikely to reach its goal of conserving 130 billion gallons of water a year by 2050.

  3. Six Water Startups Look To Transform The Industry

    The Water Council has announced the latest startup companies to win access to its BREW Accelerator program, designed to help each company bring its innovative water tech to the market.

  4. Dallas Suburb Attacks Water Loss With New Meters

    Driven by water loss problems, a Dallas suburb is diving into smart-meter technology for the first time.

  5. 10 Technologies And Breakthroughs From ACE16

    This year's Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE16), held by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) from June 19 to 22, was the first following the tragedy of Flint — a time when the drinking water industry is under intense scrutiny.

  6. One Dead After Faulty Water Pipe Complicates Fire Rescue

    Firefighters in a Colorado town faced a water infrastructure challenge during a kitchen fire this month that had fatal consequences.

  7. “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” Looks Into Water Technologies

    The Government Accountability Office recently assessed technologies that can potentially save the U.S. from water stress, focusing on distribution efficiency and the treatment of nontraditional sources. We provide a snapshot of GAO’s findings, including technology pros and cons, “readiness” rates, and levels of adoption.

  8. Best Practices For Cured-In-Place Pipe

    Make sure you consider these best CIPP practices if you’re doing a trenchless sewer line replacement or pipeline rehabilitation.

  9. Boulder Asks: Who Should Pay For Water Main Break Damage?

    Boulder, CO, is having a major debate about who should pay for damages in the event of a water main break.

  10. Bringing The Water Loss Fight Home During ‘Fix A Leak Week’

    The U.S. EPA estimates that more than one trillion gallons of water are lost through household leaks every year. It introduced “Fix a Leak Week” to bring that number down.