More Wastewater Industry Features

  1. Fostering Innovation From Within

    Every water treatment challenge is a little different. Many companies have a variety of technologies that can be applied to meet the demands of their water utility customers. One such company would be SUEZ. Water Talk recently sat down with Adriano Vieira, Director of R&D with the SUEZ IDEAS Center, to learn more about the unique approach the Company’s North American arm is taking to innovation.

  2. 6 Simple Ways To Get Millennials (More) Invested In Quality

    Much has been written about millennials — how they think, what motivates them, and their outlook on life. How can we best prepare them for today’s pharma/biotech manufacturing environment so they are successful?

  3. For Pierre, South Dakota, ALPHA's Single-Bolt Install Is the 'Way to Go'

    Add Pierre, South Dakota, to the rapidly growing list of early adopters of AMERICAN Flow Control’s valves and hydrants with ALPHA restrained joint ends. Introduced last year, ALPHA saves labor, time and money.

  4. Cost Savings And Speed: The Untapped Value Of A Single-Source Solution

    Small and emerging companies face significant challenges in today’s market. This calls for an alternative solution to help them achieve success. One option is a single-source solution, which can eliminate the silos that can often exist in today’s outsourcing paradigm, increasing both communication and speed.

  5. Modular Bioprocess Platform Gives CMO Maximum Flexibility

    Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly outsourcing product production to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). Doing so enables them to focus more of their resources on developing innovative new products and less on non-core, commodity activities, such as manufacturing. While this has been a boon for CMOs, it also creates new challenges as both their client base and related production demands rapidly diversify. Just staying on top of it all can be a big job.

  6. Microbial Contamination Monitoring For Water Distribution Systems

    Back in 2014, Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals wrote an executive order for municipalities to boost their chlorine residuals as high as possible to burn off all biofilm and stop the outbreak of brain-eating amoeba (Naegleria fowleri) that had been detected as the cause of death in a number of individuals.

  7. EPA’s Six-Year Review 3: How To Prepare For Potential Rule Revisions

    Staying on top of new regulations is a never-ending responsibility for water professionals. Each new rule may require huge dollars in capital and operating costs. Operators and technicians may need training on new technologies, sampling, and testing methods.

  8. 3 Tips For Using Headlines To Improve Your Sales

    Developing customized content can be an invaluable sales tool, but there’s also a lot of exceptional content available for free – if you know where to look and how to use it.

  9. 5 Food Safety Auditing Oversights To Avoid

    Do food safety audits leave you sleepless? Do you walk into the office every morning stressing out over whether or not you’re prepared? If you know the most common mistakes companies make during food safety audits, and deal with them accordingly, you can reduce the risk which will leave you with less cause for concern and late nights.

  10. #MeToo & Time’s Up — Parallels To Reporting Of GMP Compliance Issues

    #MeToo and Time’s Up are spotlighting illegal, unethical, improper, and undesirable behaviors. Illegal, unethical, improper, and undesirable behavior exists in the GMP world, too, and we’ve been warned as well.