Wastewater Instrumentation Podcasts

  1. The Benefits Of Process Monitoring

    Efficiency is the buzzword with utilities these days — there is little tolerance for wasted time, money, or water.

  2. Portable Parallel Analyzer Measures Six Parameters Simultaneously

    Tom Siller, global product manager with handheld instruments for Hach, speaks to Water Online radio about the company’s new SL-1000 portable parallel analyzer ( PPA). The PPA combines an electrochemistry meter and a colorimeter into one and was designed to be extremely simple to use.

  3. Ensuring Accurate Water Analysis Measurements

    Jim Cairns, Process Business Manager, and Ricki Hartwell, Global Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific explain the importance of combining the process side and the laboratory side of water analysis.

  4. A Three-Pronged Approach To Instrumentation

    Marc Spencer, president of Water Analytics, talks about the Aquametrix product line and delivering impact to the water and wastewater industry.

  5. GF Brings Diversified Solutions To Water/Wastewater

    Brian LaBelle of GF Piping Systems talks to Water Online Radio about the evolution of the company, its new product offerings, and the focus GF places on customer service.

  6. Endress+Hauser Presents Complete Instrumentation And Optimization Solutions

    Nick Camin of Endress+Hauser sits down with Water Online Radio to discuss how process instrumentation can save money, simplify processes, and make life easier for plant operators.