A Three-Pronged Approach To Instrumentation


Marc Spencer, president of Water Analytics, talks about the Aquametrix product line and delivering impact to the water and wastewater industry.

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The following is an excerpt from a Q&A with Water Online Radio. Click on the Radio Player above to hear the full interview.

Todd Schnick: Tell us all about Water Analytics and Aquametrix. What do you do? How do you serve your customers?

Marc: Aquametrix is about a 50-year-old company under a couple of different names. It was in Canada and we purchased it three years ago. It is a manufacturer of instrumentation.

It is tailored towards the wastewater industry, although, as common to our ownership, its direction is being broadened. So it has a very good history of making instrumentation that is extremely rugged, very highly regarded for wastewater instrumentation.

Todd Schnick: You have talked about 50 years, and now you have been at the helm for three. Talk a little bit about your vision and the changes you have made and are going to make going forward.

Marc: Well, we are very fortunate to have a lineup that was very highly regarded. There was nothing that really needed to be fixed, but of course you can always improve it, so we have a three-prong approach to the Aquametrix product line. One is to take the products that they already make which is I said is wastewater.

Making improvements, which we have done significantly already, that is our first prong – make what we do better.

The second prong is to introduce instrumentation that will be suitable for the water market, so that not only do we address wastewater, but we also address clean water. That involves adding instrumentation such as chlorine, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity.

The third prong, which is even more exciting, is to use my R&D background to develop truly innovative products.