Wastewater Filtration VIDEO

  1. MBR Myths by Ovivo

    In this video, Ovivo, which recently was awarded a contract to supply equipment for the largest MBR system in North America at 42 MGD, looks at the common objections associated with MBR Plants. With over 130 operating plants in the US and 330 plants worldwide, Ovivo provides answers.

  2. Kruger K240C Module Installation

    This video demonstrates ease of installation of a Kruger K240C Module, including single-point lifting of an entire double stack and guidance built into module legs that allows it to slide easily onto tank rails.

  3. New Treatment Technologies For Water Customers

    Elena Bailey, Director of Business Development at Ovivo, introduces new treatment technologies, including the Duet screen for grit removal and the AEROSTRIP® Diffusor for aeration. In this video, learn how the latest products in the company’s portfolio connect with customers’ needs in the drinking water and wastewater industries.

  4. Eco-Efficient Wastewater Treatment

    Ivar Solvi, Manager of Business Development, explains how the technology from Salsnes Filter offers unique benefits such as separation, sludge thickening, and dewatering-all in one system. By removing solids through filtration, there is a higher biogas potential than through sedimentation, more available energy, and flexibility for a higher flow, with a carbon footprint that is 5-10% less than conventional methods. Watch this video to learn why Salsnes Filter systems are a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for municipal and industrial wastewater applications.