Wastewater Filtration VIDEO

  1. Amiad ABF Filter Video

    The Amiad ABF automatic self-cleaning screen filters are brush cleaned filters offering coarse filtration from 3500 to 200 micron. These filters are built for high-flow and/or low pressure, heavy duty applications including wastewater treatment, industrial intake and irrigation.

  2. Expanding Submerged Plant Operating Window Through Double-Ended Filtration

    The Memcor® CSII double-ended filtration system features innovative double-ended filtration that uses up to 20 percent less backwash aeration energy. The proven module design reduces footprint by up to 30 percent or utilizes new space and increases capacity up to 30 percent.

  3. How To Assemble And Install A Polychem Chain And Flight System

    Polychem non-metallic chain and flight systems are comprised of the finest quality components available in today's market. Reliably constructed and economically designed, these products function efficiently as part of any clarifier system. Learn how they are assembled and installed in the tank by watching this animation.

  4. How To Cut Brentwood Media

    Brentwood customers often ask if our media can be cut to fit their design and how this should be done. Yes, it can be cut, and believe it or not, an easy solution is to use a chainsaw! Simply mark where you want to cut the media and make cuts on each side.

  5. Electrocoagulation: An Alternative Wastewater Treatment Solution

    Electrocoagulation is an alternative treatment process to the more traditional chemical and biological processes familiar to wastewater treatment professionals. As Doug Herber, Vice President of Water Treatment Technology for BakerCorp, explains to Kevin Westerling in this Water Online exclusive video, the electrocoagulation process requires less sludge than chemical and is less sensitive to changes that adversely affect biological systems.

  6. Filtration For Every Job Site

    Mehrzad Emanuel, Vice President of Filtration for BakerCorp, discusses the Company’s filtration history and capabilities with Kevin Westerling. In particular, Emanuel discusses the versatility of the filtration solutions offered, both for long-term or short-term installations and applications.

  7. Ferazur/Mangazur® Animation Video

    Ferazur/Mangazur are biological filtration processes for the removal of iron, manganese and arsenic from groundwater sources. The precipate is removed by using Biolite "S", our specially developed media that requires no replacement. Watch the video to learn more.

  8. Calgon Carbon Activated Carbon Video

    As a leading manufacturer of activated carbon, with broad capabilities in ultraviolet light disinfection, Calgon Carbon provides purification solutions for drinking water, wastewater, pollution abatement, and a variety of industrial and commercial manufacturing processes. This animation takes you through the process of manufacturing activated carbon.

  9. Calgon Carbon Reactivation Video

    After an activated carbon’s adsorptive capacity has been exhausted, it can be returned to Calgon Carbon for thermal reactivation. With high temperature reactivation followed by off-gas treatment, the adsorbed organic compounds are destroyed and reactivated carbon can be safely and cost-effectively recycled back to facilities for continued use.

  10. SEPAREL® EF Series

    The SEPAREL EF series uses external flow which allows water to randomly flow over the hollow fibers and, in turn, contact dissolved gases more frequently. Therefore, desgassing performance with the EF series is higher than the PF series which utilizes internal flow. Also, a lower pressure drop means that larger modules can be used. This video explains how the EF series works.