Wastewater Filtration Articles

  1. Forward Osmosis: How It Works, And Why It’s Important

    Is this innovative desalination technique ready to topple incumbent technologies? An industry expert explains the benefits and potential of forward osmosis.

  2. New Technologies Set To 'Disrupt' The Industry

    For the unfamiliar, the term “disruptive technology” initially sounds quite bad, as though it describes something that gets in the way. Far from impeding progress, however, disruptive technologies actually accelerate progress exponentially by disrupting the status quo. Think personal computers vs. mainframes, or cell phones vs. land lines.

  3. Membrane Conference Offers Networking, New Technology

    AMTA, along with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) have teamed up to offer an alternative, presenting their third “Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition,” held March 10-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  4. Janus Nanotubes Key To Low Pressure Membranes, Molecular Level Filtration

    Janus nanotubes can be used to make membranes with pores below one nanometer that only require the application of low pressure. Such small pores offer filtration down to the molecular level. 

  5. Is This The Future Of RO?

    A Q&A with Richard Stover, executive VP of Desalitech, discussing a reverse osmosis (RO) innovation that greatly increases recovery rates and overall efficiency, while also enhancing flexibility and reliability.