Wastewater Contaminant Removal News

  1. Toxic Water Transportation Is A Waste

    Fracking is a necessary part of our nations release of oil and gas that is trapped inside the earth. The concern in the oil industry is that the cost of transporting fracking water, which becomes contaminated with chemicals, will rise dramatically over the next four years.

  2. City Of Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Implements Bedrock For Simplicity, Scalability And Security

    Bedrock Automation announced recently that the City of Lynchburg, Virginia has selected the Bedrock control system for its wastewater treatment operations. The City implemented Bedrock to control both de-chlorination and storm water remediation operations, and is planning other integration and control applications as part of its ongoing modernization program.

  3. An Effective Way To Eliminate Atrazine And Its By-Products In Surface Water

    Atrazine, widely used as a weedkiller, is known to have harmful effects on aquatic wildlife and presents a risk to human health by altering the action of certain hormones.

  4. Outsmarting Pathogens: Research Aims To Solve Key Filtration Challenges

    By the year 2025 it is projected that nearly 2 billion people will live in areas of water scarcity.

  5. BakerCorp Helps Chemical Plant Solve Unexpected Flooding

    BakerCorp, a leader in water treatment technologies, recently completed an emergency treatment solution in response to unexpected flooding at the plant of a large plastics and chemical manufacturer.

  6. CH2M Advancing Design Of Wastewater Improvements In Guam

    Guam Waterworks Authority selected the DCA team, including CH2M, Gresham, Smith and Partners and others, to provide engineering design of a $140M upgrade to its North District Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project will support GWA's vision to be a world-class provider of water and wastewater services, as well as the U.S. mission in Guam.

  7. Advanced Water Treatment Technology Drives Green Dairy Processes

    Up to one billion litres of milk a year are processed and packaged by the dairy industry, using energy and water intensive procedures that produce hundreds of cubic metres of high strength wastewater every day.

  8. WPL Lands Contract For Wastewater Treatment At Ebbsfleet

    Package treatment specialist WPL has landed one of its biggest-ever projects - to build the wastewater treatment plant for Castle Hill, Kent – the first phase of the Government’s new garden city to be built at Ebbsfleet Valley.

  9. Making The World More Beautiful, One Facial-Care Treatment At A Time

    From the outside, building S11 greets visitors to southern Taiwan'sAgriculture and Biotech Park with its stunning metal surface, which, over time, changes from salmon pink to orange and red interspersed with brassy yellow, blue, and purple.

  10. Georgia Power's Ash Pond Closure Methods Focus On Protecting Georgia's Water Quality

    Georgia Power announced today that efforts to dewater its ash ponds are well underway, marking the next step in the safe and permanent closure of 29 ash ponds at 11 active and retired power generation sites across the state.