Wastewater Case Studies and Whitepapers

  1. Silver Eagle Refinery Case Study
    North Salt Lake and West Bountiful are home to several large oil refineries. These large plants have several smoke stacks, open burning flares, and round storage tanks.
  2. The Ultimate DAF System Design Buyer’s Guide: Part 3

    Make sure you’ve read the Ultimate DAF System Design Buyer’s Guide Parts 1 & 2 before starting here.

  3. Put An END™ To Silica Fouling

    Despite the tremendous advancements in water treatment technology over the past several decades, a handful of compounds remain significant challenges.  Among the most challenging for water treatment systems is silica which can lead to irreversible fouling in modern (RO) treatment systems.  Magna Imperio’s new Electrochemical Nano Diffusion (END™) process offers a simple and cost-effective solution for treatment of raw water and brine streams with high silica concentrations.

  4. Pure Oxygen Injection Into A Pipeline

    The Hagerstown Wastewater Treatment Plant in Maryland incorporated several plant modifications, one of which was the conversion of their disinfection process from the use of ozone to UV.

  5. United Utilities Adopts Collaborative BIM Strategy To Deliver Over 200 Water Projects

    Privatization of the United Kingdom’s (UK) water industry 25 years ago required providers to implement asset management programs (AMP) whereby water boards tendered contracts to construction firms to update the industry’s antiquated assets and help keep infrastructure properly maintained. 

  6. Revitalizing A Hog Waste Lagoon

    A North Carolina hog grower with a brood barn of 200 full-grown sows contacted Reliant Water Technologies to see if we could assist him with one of his waste lagoons. The plan was to locate an aerator on one end of the lagoon and allow for the forward flow of water from a coarse bubble airlift to ‘push’ the water forward. By Jim Dartez, RELIANT Water Technologies

  7. MBBR Eliminates Odor Problems While Reaching Effluent Targets At Fish Processing Plant

    Based in Danvers, Massachusetts, High Liner Fishery Products was experiencing challenges with their existing wastewater treatment system. The plant was generating a myriad of problems, including: plugging, flies, and even odor complaints from neighboring residents. Read how High Liner solved their problems with the help of Headworks International.

  8. Biologically Active Filter Technology Applications For Wastewater Treatment Upgrade

    Wastewater treatment facilities are subject to many different drivers for completing upgrades. Among the most prevalent drivers is a need to keep current with ever-changing, and increasingly stringent, environmental regulations. These regulations frequently require upgrading to tertiary treatment and the removal of BOD, TSS and Total Nitrogen.

  9. Maximum Water Reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge — A Power Plant Case Study

    ELCOGAS, established in 1992 with the aim of building and operating a 335 MW Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant as well as the commercialization of its technology.

  10. Improved Pump And Seal Reliability When And Where It Really Counts

    The City of Chester, IL was getting only about 6 months life out of the mechanical seals in their former non-clog lift station pumps. While replacing seals twice per year was difficult and expensive, the more serious problem occurred when the seals failed with the Mississippi River at flood stage and with the sealed lift station underwater.