Views on the Latest Regulations

  1. Obama EPA Takes A Bow, Touts #WaterProgress

    In the years the U.S. EPA has worked under the Obama administration, the agency has been very active. Depending on your perspective, that may be good or bad. While some see new regulations as necessary to protect citizens and the environment (and to drive innovation in the water sector), others argue that recent actions have been overly restrictive and unduly burdensome.

  2. How To Adopt The EPA’s New Selenium Standards

    A recent selenium update to the U.S. EPA’s water quality standards could force utilities to consider how they monitor the element in their water.

  3. A Study To Stop Nutrient Pollution, Once And For All

    The U.S. EPA has initiated a national study on nutrient removal with the end goal of providing the nation’s wastewater treatment plants with the information needed to solve the growing problem.

  4. Are EPA Mandates Overburdening The States?

    A new report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blasts the U.S. EPA and the Executive Branch for imposing environmental mandates without giving voice or financial consideration to the states’ plight.

  5. Workshopping The Water Quality Trading Market

    While several case studies demonstrate that participation in water quality trading markets can have dramatic economic benefits, relatively few communities participate. The U.S. EPA and USDA teamed up to find out why, hoping to increase participation.

  6. How The Charles River Turned Around

    As recently as 1995, the Charles River was nearly failing the U.S. EPA’s annual water quality assessment. Since then, the river has seen a dramatic improvement thanks to several pointed initiatives.

  7. Fighting For Florida’s Surface-Water Standards

    Late last month, a panel of regulators appointed by Governor Rick Scott narrowly approved the first changes to Florida’s surface-water quality standards since 1992. Marked with adamant support on one side and passionate protest on the other, the sweeping amendment has left questions about how clean Florida’s water will be.

  8. What To Know About The EPA’s New Effluent Guidelines

    The U.S. EPA’s recently released Preliminary 2016 Effluent Guidelines Program Plan indicates the industries and pollutants that the agency has its eyes on for potential future regulation.

  9. How To Incentivize Green Infrastructure

    A new project from the Water Research Foundation will look into how utilities can encourage green infrastructure and low-impact development on private property.

  10. Engineering The Future: Two Tools For Wastewater Plant Design

    Two tools leverage computing power for engineering design, opening up a digital world of possibility for wastewater plants.