Utility Management Videos

  1. Hydro-Guard™ Pressure Monitoring System: Video

    Several years ago, Mueller began a journey to develop a user friendly and cost-effective technology to continuously and remotely monitor pressure at any point within a potable water distribution system. The technology involves threading a sensor onto a corporation valve to transmit pressure readings. The pressure sensor, typically installed two (2) per District Metering Area (DMA), reports at user-defined intervals via cellular service and a Mueller-hosted secure web server. Beginning with pressure monitoring, Mueller has created a communications backbone that utilities can integrate into its monitoring systems or use as a stand-alone monitoring platform. This technology is currently available in North America.

  2. Boosting Water Utility Productivity

    Water utilities looking for powerful information need to look no further than Neptune. As you’ll learn in this video, when longtime customer Johnson City, New York needed to implement new AMR technology as well as new billing software for its water department, Neptune Territory Manager Dave Johnson listened – and helped them put it all together for greater productivity.

  3. Mueller Systems Network Operations Center

    The Network Operations Center from Mueller Systems offers class-leading support for monitoring your water infrastructure.

  4. Echologics Interview

    An interview with Mark Loveday, Manager, European Region and Mark Nicol, Business Development Manager - Asia Pacific.

  5. Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector With Wide Area Coverage

    Lara Kauchak explains how the Rosemount GDU-Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector with Wireless helps customers improve their safety system without impacting their safety case.

  6. The Kaeser Experience

    Since the day we opened our doors, Kaeser's mission has been to deliver long term value to our customers. Discover the Kaeser difference for yourself.

  7. BEACON AMA Meter Reading System Case Study

    For the Bethpage Water District on New York's Long Island, providing first class customer service is a top priority. But antiquated meters -- and the subsequent billing complaints and maintenance requirements -- had become a problem. The Badger Meter BEACON Meter Reading System became the solution.

  8. Latest Features of VTScada 11 Monitoring and Control Software

    This video highlights some of the new features embedded in the VTScada 11 Monitoring and Control software solution from Trihedral. Features include high resolution and tiled page displays and enhanced features for overlays, styles and shapes. Two hundred widgets are available to bring your SCADA data to life.

  9. VTScada 11 Tutorials - Getting Started

    In this video, VTScada software trainer and technical writer Andrew Harvie quickly gets you started using the powerful new features now available in VTScada version 11.

  10. Browser-Based Application Trends In The SCADA Industry

    A presentation for the Maritime Provinces Water and Wastewater Association 34th Annual Training Seminar by Trihedral's Blair Sooley, MBA, P. Eng.