Utility Management News

  1. XPV Water Partners Invests In Mobiltex Data Ltd

    XPV Water Partners, a growth equity investor focused on making investments in companies related to the treatment and management of the world’s water resources, announced recently that is has made a significant investment in Mobiltex Data Ltd, an internationally recognized leader in providing IoT products and services to monitor corrosion protection in pipelines and other critical distribution and storage infrastructure assets.

  2. HUD Properties Benefit From Using ePIPE As A Solution For Pipe Leaks And Corrosion

    Recently two HUD Senior Living facilities in the Houston area were experiencing the effects of major corrosion in their piping systems.

  3. U.S. EPA Approves Expansion Of Navajo Nation Regulatory Authority Over Drinking Water Systems

    Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Navajo Nation announced the tribe has been granted primary enforcement and oversight authority for 12 additional public drinking water systems serving approximately 12,500 people.

  4. Bureau Of Reclamation Selects 16 Projects To Receive $3.5M For Desalination And Water Purification Research

    Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman announced that 16 entities will receive $3.5M for laboratory and pilot-scale research projects as part of the Desalination and Water Purification Research Program. 

  5. California Water Managers Vary In Use Of Climate Science, UC Davis Study Finds

    Historically, water managers throughout the thirsty state of California have relied on hydrology and water engineering — both technical necessities — as well as existing drought and flood patterns to plan for future water needs.

  6. Update To Columbus Water Master Plan Aims To Address Future Growth, Water Demand And Efficiency

    Arcadis and the City of Columbus are teaming to update the city’s Comprehensive Water Master Plan. Once complete, the plan will provide a roadmap for addressing new infrastructure, redundancy measures and needed enhancements to the city’s water distribution system, while accounting for projected population growth and economic development.

  7. National Stormwater Alliance Releases First State-By-State Snapshot Of Programs Managing Polluted Runoff Under The Clean Water Act

    The National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA) recently announced the release of its inaugural 2018 State of Stormwater Report. The report provides an overview of municipal stormwater programs across the U.S., detailing the challenges and opportunities communities face in managing polluted runoff.

  8. California Water Submits Revised Proposal To Acquire SJW Group For $70.00 Per Share In Cash

    California Water Service Group (“California Water”) recently announced it has submitted a revised proposal to the Board of Directors of SJW Group (“SJW”) increasing its proposal to acquire SJW from $68.25 per share in cash to $70.00 per share in cash.

  9. Report Claims Contamination Evidence Was Deleted

    Did New York City officials fail to report evidence of water contamination?

  10. WGA Leads National Coalition Urging Congress To Reject Efforts To Diminish States’ Authority To Manage Water Quality Under Section 401 Of Clean Water Act

    The Western Governors’ Association (WGA) and nine other leading associations of state officials are urging Congressional leadership to reject current legislative and administrative efforts to diminish states’ authority to manage water quality within their boundaries under Section 401 of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA).