Water Industry Features

  1. Filtration Efficiency From Every Angle: Type 360 Underdrain

    The Leopold Type 360 Underdrain uses a modular lateral design to simplify installation. Unique hold-down brackets secure the laterals and enable service to individual underdrains through its innovative bolt down system.

  2. Using UV-VIS Sensors For Real-Time BOD, COD, And TOC Monitoring

    Spectrophotometry is a well-established analytical method, which has been used for decades in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, and chemical engineering for quantitative analyses.

  3. Automated mAb Workflows: Combining Multidimensional (Multi-D) Purifications With Product Analysis

    A demonstration of the development of a robust, high-quality, and automated Multi-D chromatography purification utilizing both tandem and multi-column configurations using ChromLab™ Software on an NGC Chromatography System.

  4. How To Cost-Effectively Remove Multiple Contaminants From Water Simultaneously

    Water utilities must protect the public health by producing a final product that meets all regulatory requirements. In addition, the water must be pleasing to the customer, with no taste or odor issues. And finally, utilities must stay abreast of emerging contaminants, health advisories, and new regulations. It’s a constant challenge to shoulder these responsibilities while staying within tight budgets. Utilities need a technology that helps them achieve multiple goals cost-effectively.

  5. 3 Reasons The Pharma Industry Is Adopting Pneumatic Conveyors

    As the pharma industry moves toward continuous manufacturing, it’s also rapidly adopting pneumatic conveyors as the systems of choice to transfer material between machines. 

  6. How To Prevent GenX Leaching From Filters

    Water professionals must plan and budget to meet new regulations on the horizon. They must find the best technology for removing emerging contaminants, such as perfluorinated compounds. Above all, they want to ensure the health and safety of their customers.

  7. The Water Industry Wants You: Careers In Water Are A New Way For Veterans To Serve Our Country

    Beyond Independence Day or Veterans Day, it's always a great time to thank our nation's veterans for their service and reflect on the sacrifices they and their families have made on our behalf. This year, it's also a great time to add a plea — and an opportunity — for further service in the defense of our country: to take the skills they learned in the military and apply them to the water industry.

  8. Remove CO2 With SEPAREL Degassing Modules

    In recent years, hollow fiber membrane degassing modules have become an ideal option for CO2 removal when compared to harmful, costly chemicals and bulky deaerating towers.

  9. X-Ray Inspection Of Beef Jerky Products

    X-ray inspection of beef jerky presents many, and often unforeseen, challenges. This application note provides guidance to overcome those challenges to produce high-quality beef jerky.

  10. Eliminating Metal Foreign Object Escapes With Multiscan Technology

    Advances in metal detection technology are enabling dramatically more accurate and reliable detection of hard-to-detect metal contaminants in foods.