Stormwater Management Products

  1. ecoLine™ -b Below Grade Oil / Water Separator
    The ecoLine™-b is designed to separate non-emulsified light liquids and low-water-soluble fluids with a specific gravity below 0.95, such as gasoline, diesel, heating oils and other mineral oils from effluent discharge.
  2. Stormwater: EnviroTrap Phosphorous Filter
    The EnviroTrap Stormwater Treatment System has now been enhanced to target phosphorus, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals with an increased filter life due to the enhanced flow pattern.
  3. CUDO™ Stormwater Management Systems
    The Cudo™ Stormwater Management Systems offers a new approach to underground stormwater storage, infiltration, treatment, rainwater harvesting, and other stormwater management needs. The product incorporate a unique arched design that adds structural integrity increased water storage, and enhanced inspection and maintenance access.
  4. TREEPOD™ Biofilter
    The TREEPOD™ Biofilter uses conventional tree box filter design criteria that has proven to be effective at the removal of ultra-fine and dissolved pollutants normally found in storm water runoff.
  5. OPUS® Technology - Optimized Pretreatment and Unique Separation Technology

    OPUS technology combines a proprietary high rate chemical softening process, MULTIFLO, with filtration, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis operated at an elevated pH in single-pass or double-pass mode to generate high effluent water quality suitable for discharge, recycle or reuse.

  6. Industrial Mixing and Aeration
    Applicable industries: Power Plants • Refineries • Chemical Plants • Mining
  7. Stormwater Retention
    Storm water retention ponds are becoming common features in urban and new development areas for irrigation water, recreation, flood control, and overall watershed management.
  8. Detergents Test Kits
    CHEMetrics manufactures easy to use test kits for measurement of anionic detergents, methylene blue active substances (MBAS’s), in instrumental and visual formats.
  9. TrojanUVFit™ — Wastewater Disinfection System

    The TrojanUVFit™ offers an effective and energy-efficient closed-vessel UV solution. This compact reactor is available in multiple configurations to treat a wide range of flow rates. The streamlined hydraulic profile of closed-vessel systems disinfect filtered effluent without breaking head in the treatment process.

  10. Filtration; Stormceptor Oil & Sand Removal (OSR) System
    The Stormceptor Oil & Sand Removal (OSR) Filtration system is designed to remove fine sand particles and separate oil at the peak flow rates regulated by bodies such as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). Recommended applications include pre-treatment and redevelopment/retrofit projects to meet a specific water quality objective in the filtration and separation of sand and oil.