WWETCO FlexFilter™

Source: WesTech Engineering, Inc.

The WWETCO FlexFilter™ from WesTech uses compressible media to provide an efficient new solution for CSO, Primary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment and Industrial Water Pretreatment. The FlexFilter™ is a simple gravity system with a robust design requiring no moving parts. The combination of tapered media compression, porosity gradient within the media bed and a low flow backwash system make the WWETCO FlexFilter™ one of the most versatile and efficient filters on the market.


  • Can be applied for a number of uses or even combined uses
  • Passive design that does not require special attention or chemicals


  • No moving parts
  • Low backwash requirements
  • No ramp-up time
  • High loading rates
  • Minimal backwash


  • CSO and SSO treatment
  • Storm water runoff
  • Replace primary sedimentation
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Tertiary treatment for chemical phosphorus removal
  • Raw water pre-treatment
  • Industrial water pre-treatment
  • Dual purpose tertiary treatment and CSO/SSO during storm event