Stormwater Management News

  1. After Maria, Puerto Ricans Left Only With Dangerous Water

    Many Puerto Ricans remain without tap water service in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

  2. As Discharged Sewage Contaminates Niagara Falls, Outdated Infrastructure Is To Blame

    Niagara Falls may be best known for its majestic, natural beauty, but this precious resource is having a hard time lately as the area’s wastewater treatment swims upstream against fundamental infrastructure issues.

  3. MWRD Candidates Blast Sewage Dumps

    In a statement released Monday morning, Green Party candidates for the Board of Commissioners of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District blasted the current administration for its release of raw sewage and wastewater into Lake Michigan during the weekend's heavy rains.

  4. Water Service Devastated In Puerto Rico

    Lack of universal access to water has been one of the most stunning and difficult consequences Puerto Rico has faced after Hurricane Maria devastated the island’s infrastructure.

  5. New Sluice System Ready For Operation Within A Week

    With the growing impacts of climate changes there is a rising demand for solutions to protect low-lying, inhabited areas. Wintec has developed AquaBlokk, a new sluice system that consists of building blocks ready to be lowered into the water when arriving onsite.

  6. NSF Awards $5.3M In 59 Grants To Study Effects Of Recent Hurricanes

    It was August 25, and Hurricane Harvey's intensifying winds were moving onshore in South Texas, bringing torrential rains. No one yet knew that Harvey would eventually swamp Houston in flood waters. Nor that a short time later, powerful Hurricane Irma would do the same in many parts of Florida.

  7. WEF Announces Third Year Of MS4 Award Winners At WEFTEC 2017

    Thirteen high-performing municipalities received recognition in the third annual National MS4 Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Awards on Oct. 2. These awards celebrate administrators of municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) that perform beyond regulatory requirements.

  8. WE&RF Awards Research Contract To Examine Urban Tree Systems On Stormwater Quality

    The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) awarded a contract to Kansas State University to begin research on Incorporating Forestry into Stormwater Management Programs: State of the Science and Business Model Evaluation for Nutrient Reduction and Volume Control (SIWM12C15).

  9. Teams From The University Of Guelph And University Of Colorado - Boulder Win 2017 WEF Student Design Competition

    The Water Environment Federation (WEF) proudly announces students from the University of Guelph and the University of Colorado – Boulder as winners of the 2017 Student Design Competition. The 16th annual competition took place during WEFTEC 2017, WEF's 90th annual technical exhibition and conference.

  10. CULTEC Receives CSA Certification For Stormwater Chamber In Canada

    CULTEC, a Brookfield, Conn. company that specializes in providing chambers for stormwater management, recently received third-party certification for its newest product to be used in construction projects in Canada.