Stormwater Management News

  1. BioPod™ Biofilter System Approved By The Virginia Department Of Environmental Quality

    Oldcastle Infrastructure is pleased to report that the BioPod Biofilter System with StormMix™ Media has been reviewed and approved by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

  2. 110 Litres Of Urban Stormwater Cleaned Every Second

    Dirty runoff sweeps urban streets, pollutes groundwater and pressures sewage systems. A University of Copenhagen researcher has invented a treatment method that is now being used at a large and brand-new wastewater facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  3. EPA Selects National Wildlife Federation’s Resilience Education Program In Houston For Environmental Education Grant

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) selected the National Wildlife Federation’s Resilience Ambassadors Program in Houston as one of 37 organizations to receive funding under the 2018 Environmental Education (EE) Grants Program.

  4. Governor Cuomo Announces More Than $11.1M To Improve Storm Resiliency In The North Country And Mohawk Valley

    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced more than $11.1M in projects in the North Country and Mohawk Valley are expected to begin this fall to help flood-prone communities plan and prepare for extreme weather events as they continue to recover from Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

  5. U.S. EPA Announces $4M Available In San Francisco Bay Watershed Restoration Grants

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is accepting proposals for approximately $4M in grant funding to protect and restore San Francisco Bay watersheds and wetlands.

  6. New Research On Green Infrastructure Incentives For Private Property

    The Water Research Foundation has published new research to help utilities and municipalities incentivize the installation of green infrastructure (GI) on private property.

  7. Open-Storm Detroit Dynamics Team Wins First-Ever LIFT Intelligent Water Systems Challenge

    A team from the Great Lakes Water Authority and the University of Michigan won the first-ever Intelligent Water Systems Challenge for using data analytics to develop a tool to maximize the use of existing collection systems and minimize combined sewer overflows in Detroit.

  8. WEF Announces Fourth Year Of MS4 Award Winners At WEFTEC 2018

    Twenty-two high-performing municipalities received recognition in the fourth annual National Municipal Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Awards on Oct. 1.

  9. Cutting-Edge Developer To Deploy AbTech's Smart Sponge® Technologies For Stormwater Treatment

    Abtech Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: ABHD) (the "Company"), an environmental technologies firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions to communities, industry and governments addressing issues of water pollution and contamination, today reported that its subsidiary, AbTech Industries, Inc. ("AbTech"), has accepted a $318,240 order from Hugo Neu Corporation, a related party, for the installation of four stormwater outfall pipes at the Kearny Point Industrial Park redevelopment project in northern New Jersey.

  10. DC Water’s Anacostia River Tunnel Beating All Projections For A Cleaner Anacostia

    Six months ago, DC Water placed into service the first 7-mile segment of the Anacostia River Tunnel system to store combined sewage during rain events, keeping sewage overflows from entering the Anacostia River.