Stormwater Management News

  1. Florida Investigates Unauthorized 5-Million-Gallon Sewage Discharge

    Unfortunately, the practice of discharging untreated or partially-treated sewage is all too common for wastewater treatment plants. But a recent instance in Florida has caught the attention of state watchdogs.

  2. Two Months Later, Wastewater Treatment Facilities Still Grapple With Harvey Fallout

    Even though Hurricane Harvey struck Texas over two months ago, several of Houston’s wastewater treatment plants are still working to recover from the fallout.

  3. Puerto Rico Still Dealing With Contaminated Drinking Water

    It has been two months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, yet water access for many residents remains interrupted and those who have service are afraid to use it.

  4. Stormwater Regulation And Fees Will Impact Auto Dealers

    Municipalities throughout Pennsylvania are in the process of implementing local stormwater ordinances and fees that will likely impact many auto dealers. By Steve Matzura and Scott Gould

  5. Stantec And The Metropolitan Sewer District Of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC) Are Utilizing e-Builder For Its Lick Run Greenway Project

    Stantec, a global project management and design firm, has engaged e-Builder, the leading cloud-based construction program management information solution, to provide capital project management software to MSDGC for the Lick Run Greenway Project.

  6. Water Environment & Reuse Foundation Awards Research Contract To Integrate Green Infrastructure Into Stormwater Management Planning

    The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) recently awarded a contract to Corona Environmental Consulting with Kennedy/Jenks as a team member to begin research on a project entitledFramework and Tools for Quantifying Green Infrastructure Co-Benefits and Linking with Triple Bottom Line Analysis.

  7. Eco Expo Asia: Becoming A Smart Sponge City With Self Sustainable Water Cycle

    Water is the lifeblood of human existence. For densely populated places such as Hong Kong, the issues and challenges go beyond simply finding water sources to satisfy each household.

  8. Texas To Make First-Ever Flood Plan

    After hurricane season left Houston in disrepair, Texas is drafting a flood plan for the entire state for the first time.

  9. Sewage Drama Between Mexico, U.S. May Worsen

    Sewage leaks along the border between Mexico and the U.S. may get worse, and officials are debating how to address the issue.

  10. Following Harvey, EPA And Industry Disagree Over Superfund Site Cleanup

    When Texas, among other places, was hit with Hurricane Harvey this summer, it faced numerous stormwater management and water quality issues.