Stormwater Management News

  1. Funding Available For Water-Related Pilot And Demonstration Sites

    The Water Council recently announced that it is accepting applications for the third round of the Pilot Program, which is designed to transfer research and prototypes from the lab, to application in a demonstration site located in Wisconsin.

  2. Hurricane Season Has Left Wastewater Systems In Disrepair

    Hurricane season “trashed” wastewater systems in cities across the country, according to a news article published on Quartz focused on damage from Harvey and Irma.

  3. WEF Announces Winners Of 2017 StormTV Competition

    The Water Environment Federation (WEF) recently announced the winners of its sixth annual stormwater video competition. The StormTV Project is a video contest recognizing innovative stormwater practices, programs, products, and public outreach.

  4. IECA Expertise Can Assist In Stormwater Reduction

    The International Erosion Control Association Region One (IECA) staff, board of directors and members would like to extend their experience to support to victims of recent hurricanes in southeast Texas, the Caribbean Islands, Florida and Puerto Rico.

  5. BakerCorp Completes Innovative Water Treatment Project At Superfund Site

    BakerCorp, a leader in water treatment technologies, recently completed its largest project to date at an EPA Superfund site on the Duwamish River in Seattle. The project included a large-scale, non-chemical treatment solution for over 63 million gallons of water.

  6. USGS Tidal Network Monitoring Elevated Water Levels Off Hampton Roads

    A network of 23 U.S. Geological Survey tide gauges installed throughout Hampton Roads and along the Eastern Shore of Virginia is monitoring elevated water levels caused by Post-Tropical Cyclone Jose.

  7. Following Harvey, Experts Critique Houston’s Stormwater Readiness

    After Harvey dumped more than 9 trillion gallons of water onto Houston in two days, it is an understatement to say the city has faced stormwater challenges this year. But even when a historic storm is not ravaging the city, Houston faces stormwater challenges.

  8. City Of Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Implements Bedrock For Simplicity, Scalability And Security

    Bedrock Automation announced recently that the City of Lynchburg, Virginia has selected the Bedrock control system for its wastewater treatment operations. The City implemented Bedrock to control both de-chlorination and storm water remediation operations, and is planning other integration and control applications as part of its ongoing modernization program.

  9. CULTEC Assists Giant Primary Care Center Construction Project In Ireland

    When an Ireland building contractor sought products to manage the stormwater runoff for 14 new primary care facilities, they found a solution manufactured by CULTEC, Inc., an American family-owned and -operated firm based in Brookfield, Conn.

  10. Hurricane Irma Brings Wastewater Fallout To Florida

    Earlier this month, Hurricane Irma brought pounding winds and torrential rain to the Caribbean and Florida, and along with it came wastewater issues.