Sludge & Biosolids Processing Studies & White Papers

  1. Matt Brewing — Spent Hops Screening And Dewatering

    An internally fed rotary screen with wedgewire drum featuring 0.020” screen slot openings is applied to screen 900 GPM of brewery wastewater and remove spent hops while letting yeast pass through to reach the anaerobic digester.

  2. Implementation Of Solids Retention Time (SRT) Control In Wastewater Treatment

    Solids Retention Time (SRT) is a critical activated sludge design and operating parameter. The selection of an SRT has many consequences related to process performance, sludge production, and oxygen requirements. By Dr. Robert Smith, Sarah Elger, and Scott Mleziva, YSI, a Xylem brand

  3. Meeting New Effluent Quality Requirements With MBRs

    When the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) issued a new waste discharge requirement, the Nevada County Sanitary District saw that a major upgrade of the existing WWTP's lagoon system would be required. An MBR system was selected due to its capability of meeting new effluent quality using the existing plant footprint and its competitive operating costs.

  4. MBRs Address Failure Of Local Septic Systems

    This project brief highlights how the town of Alpine utilized a CWRSF loan to replace the existing WWTP and address the failure of several local septic systems with MBRs.

  5. Pump Station Bar Screen Saves City $26,000 In Labor

    New Jersey’s Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority had a problem. The utilities authority operates a 5 MGD plant, with wastewater inflow arriving through a 48-in pipe routed 23 feet below grade level. Their manual inflow pump screening setup was difficult and hazardous to clean, and its 2.5” screen spacing let entirely too much non-dispersible waste through. Their 3,000 GPM non-clog pumps were constantly clogging, and workers were repeatedly exposed to a hazardous situation.

  6. Channel Monster Cuts Maintenance Costs And Protects Pumps In Santa Ana

    In recent years maintenance operators at the Segerstrom Lift Station located in the City of Santa Ana, CA have noticed an escalation in pump ragging and blockages. By Perla Lozano