SCADA and Automation Videos

  1. Video: VTScada Retentive Totalizer & Counter Tags

    The VTScada totalizer and counter tags provide you with important information for performing preventative maintenance, creating operating and usage reports, or recognizing patterns and anomalies in your system.

  2. Video: Online Configuration With VTScada HMI Software

    Online Configuration allows process monitoring to continue while you create and modify application displays and tag data. This is an essential feature of mission-critical HMI systems where shutting down the application is not an option

  3. Video: Configure A Redundant VTScada Application Server In 40 Seconds

    In this video, Blair Sooley of Trihedral Engineering demonstrates how to configure a redundant VTScada server with automatic seamless failover in less than 40 seconds.

  4. Video: The VTScada Driver Multiplexer - Part 2 - Practical Applications

    This video outlines four typical applications for the VTScada Driver Multiplexer (DriverMUX) that can reduce down time and increase system efficiency

  5. Video: The VTScada Driver Multiplexer - Part 1 - What Is It?

    VTScada HMI software has long supported automatic failover of both application servers and internet servers. New in VTScada 8.1, the Driver Multiplexer (or DriverMUX) expands this concept to include both redundant PLCs and redundant communication links to the HMI