SCADA and Automation Videos and Podcasts

  1. Finding Equipment Data With QR Codes

    The newest OpWorks feature allows you to pull up equipment information instantly. Using QR codes is easy and fast.

  2. Retirements With OpWorks

    Operator turnover and retirements can be difficult for facilities. See how OpWorks makes the transfer of information easier.

  3. Budgeting With OpWorks

    Budgeting with OpWorks is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Visit the OpWorks website, set your parameters and you have a quote immediately.

  4. Choosing The Best SCADA System

    Trimax Systems Inc. joins us on this webinar to share their expertise on how they used Ignition to create a SCADA system that perfectly fit the needs of the entire Western Municipal Water District.

  5. Integrator Roundtable Discussion: Disrupt And Grow

    Instead of approaching end users about their plant-floor and SCADA needs, integrators can take a wider look at the enterprise to find other opportunities for improvement, such as data issues between departments. Ignition by Inductive Automation® is the perfect software for this approach because it has the ability to build or connect just about anything. And in case after case, end users that start using Ignition gradually extend it throughout the enterprise, creating a steady stream of integration projects.

  6. Affordably Refreshing Your Water District’s Process Control

    In this webinar, learn about two municipal water districts that upgraded to SCADA systems with unlimited clients, tags, and connections, in addition to deeply embedded cyber security.

  7. Aquavista

    Aquavista™ offers a wide and flexible range of customized digital solutions for water treatment systems.  From operators to management, Aquavista™ provides your plant personnel with a tool to efficiently manage plants and water treatment equipment.

  8. Predictive Maintenance Enabled By Moving Secured Data To The Cloud

    Cloud-based monitoring and reporting was all the rage at WEFTEC 2017. Water Talk sat down with Tom Perry, National Product Manager with Veolia to discuss Aquavista, one of the more established technologies for capturing critical data, storing it in the cloud and allowing it to be accessed real time, 24/7 from any smart, web-enabled device.

  9. Addressing Key Trends In Automation

    Machines get smarter and more capable, but so do the hackers, so how do we advance in automation and leverage its benefits without introducing new security threats? Kelvin J. Hurdle, North America Industry Manager for Rockwell Automation, addresses cybersecurity among other automation topics including workforce issues, understanding analytics, and addressing equipment downtime.

  10. Clearly Intelligent Software To Manage Operations

    Robert Olofsson, Business Unit Manager of Software for Hach, provides an overview — and brief demo — of the new Claros software platform, billed as "The Water Intelligence System". Olofsson describes how instrument management and data management integrate with process management to optimize operator control and plant performance. Though it works with drinking water, wastewater, or industrial water operations, this discussion from WEFTEC spotlights wastewater capabilities.