SCADA and Automation Videos and Podcasts

  1. Wastewater Network Modeling and Analysis

    Bentley’s Wastewater Network Modeling and Analysis solution provides decision support capabilities to optimize network capacity and improve operations.  Hydraulic analysis allows you to evaluate capacity, identify bottlenecks in your existing or proposed piping and pumping networks, and design improvements needed to accommodate the growing demand for service and emergency response.

  2. Stormwater Modeling and Analysis

    Bentley’s Stormwater Modeling and Analysis solution enables designers to analyze and explore innovative stormwater design options and efficiently manage project deliverables.  Using hydrologic and hydraulic calculations helps you understand how rainfall translates into stormwater runoff and interacts with streets, channels, pipes, ponds and related stormwater infrastructure.

  3. Prolagos – Innovative Use Of WaterGEMS

    Prolagos, a subsidiary of Aegea, provides water and sewerage services to five municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The 2041 Master Plan project aims to expand the water supply system for Região dos Lagos (Region of the Lakes) over short-, medium-, and long-term horizons. In the short term, Prolagos built 4 large pumping stations, 30 requlation tanks, and a new trunk main spanning 300 km that will increase the transport capacity by 30%, reduce energy consumption by 55% and deal with seasonal population fluctuations.

  4. CivilStorm - All-In-One Stormwater Management

    CivilStorm can accurately model a wide range of stormwater infrastructure configurations and hydraulic elements arrangements, from closed conduits and channels, to ponds and outlets, and low impact development controls.

  5. StormCAD Product Overview – Straight-Forward Storm Sewer Design

    Stormwater drainage systems are complex networks of gutters, inlets, and pipes. Analyzing these elements together is impossible for using traditional hand or spreadsheet calculations, and designing storm sewer components iteratively is too cumbersome, even for most hydraulic software.  StormCAD helps you plan and design your entire drainage system cost effectively and efficiently.

  6. Wastewater Network Planning and Design

    Bentley’s Wastewater Network Design and Planning solution enables designers and hydraulic modelers to collaborate during the planning and design stages of wastewater network rehabilitation, extension and expansion projects. 

  7. Intelligent Cable System Design For Water Treatment Plants

    In this webinar, Alexander Rost, senior application engineer at Bentley, uses a water treatment plant project to demonstrate the advantages of intelligent cable system design.

  8. An Introduction To Hydraulic Modeling With WaterGEMS, For Reliable Decision Making

    In this webinar, you will learn about many of the tools in WaterGEMS and understand how they can help you do your job better thus increasing your value to your organization.

  9. Intelligent Electrical System Design For Water Treatment Plants

    In this webinar, Richard Whysall, senior application engineer at Bentley, uses an example water treatment plant project to demonstrate the key attributes and advantages of intelligent electrical system design with Promis.e.

  10. Introduction To CivilStorm, For Intelligent Stormwater Management

    In this webinar, you will see how CivilStorm stormwater modeling software can streamline the modeling process so that you can focus on improving stormwater infrastructure.