SCADA and Automation Solutions and Insight For Utility Managers

  1. Automation 101: Curing Automation Myths

    Automation is a wonder and a dark art to most of the world. Even companies who have large amounts of automation within their own facilities often have misconceptions about how it works.

  2. SCADA Server OS Updates

    Recently, I received a call from an experienced system integrator regarding VTScada’s stance on installing updates on a SCADA server. They had a customer questioning advice from another SCADA software provider who has positioned themselves with the following stance. For the sake of the server stability, the servers should never receive any Windows® feature or security updates, ever.

  3. Is Water 4.0 The Future?

    Water 4.0 is a concept that has recently been raised as the “future” of the water industry …possibly. Apart from being a paraphrase of Industry 4.0, the questions have to be asked: What is it, and what does it have to do with the way the water industry operates in its current state?

  4. Climbing Higher For A Better View: Keys To Successful Water Management

    Many utilities are moving to a traditional business mindset rather than continuing as largely compliance-driven entities. This is challenging leaders to apply asset management and smart infrastructure strategies, to become more programmatic in managing water, and to consider the big picture in addressing public needs.

  5. The Internet Of Things Is Driving Smart Agriculture

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling data-driven smart agriculture. The IoT is a network of technologies which can monitor the status of physical and other objects, capture meaningful data, and communicate that data over a wireless network to a computer in the cloud for software to analyze and help determine action steps.

  6. Water Data Smackdown: Meet The Top 10 Innovators

    Imagine H2O recently announced the 10 finalists from more than 90 worldwide entrants to its Water Data Challenge. Here’s a brief overview of each company and what they offer.

  7. Peer Perspectives: The Dilemma Of OEM Control Systems Cost Escalation

    An under-utilized strength exists for manufacturers of performance-based equipment. This strength is controlling cost through the warranty/guarantee you, as the manufacturer, provide.

  8. Tracking Chemical Use To Optimize Quality And Save Money

    Q&A With Opworks™ User And Developers

  9. 7 Ways Smart Meters Save Water

    In an era of drought and conservation, smart meters can be utilities’ best allies in the fight to preserve water supplies.

  10. What The Water Sector Could Learn From The Electric Side

    Each year, the nation wastes an estimated two trillion gallons, or about 14 to 18 percent, of its treated water through leaks alone. That’s a lot of water – enough to fill over three million Olympic-size swimming pools.