Resiliency News

  1. Spring Outlook: U.S. To See Moderate Flooding, Warmer-Than-Normal Temperatures

    NOAA issued its three-month U.S. Spring Outlook recently, highlighting a moderate risk of flooding in the Ohio River Valley basin and lower Mississippi River where streamflows and soil moisture are well above normal after major flooding from recent heavy rainfall.

  2. Backgrounder: WaterTAP Report: Water: The Next Frontier On The Path To A Low Carbon Economy, Released At GLOBE Forum 2018 On March 14th, 2018

    Climate change is impacting the supply of accessible clean water and requires the rapid adoption and deployment of energy efficient and low carbon energy responses.

  3. Report: Focus On Water Tech For Reliable, Cost Effective GHG Reductions

    Released recently at GLOBE Forum 2018, WaterTAP’s newest report “Water: The next frontier on the path to a low carbon economy” asserts that clean water technology is vital to meeting GHG emissions targets.

  4. Seven Colleges Earn $10,000 Grants To Research Conservation Technologies, Programs Through World Water Forum

    Seven California colleges and universities have been selected to receive grants to fund proposals to develop new water conservation and supply technologies in support of a more sustainable water future, as part of the 2018 Southern California World Water Forum.

  5. Researchers Issue First-Annual Sea-Level Report Cards

    Researchers at William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science are launching new web-based “report cards” to monitor and forecast changes in sea level at 32 localities along the U.S.

  6. Studies Show Urbanization Impacts Storms, Rainfall Despite Surroundings

    Two Purdue University studies show that urbanization changes storm patterns and rainfall amounts, highlighting the need for urban planning and infrastructure design that considers how the landscape will affect the weather.

  7. WRI And MIT Have Figured Out How To Collect Local Water Management Data On A Global Scale

    As the world watches Cape Town’s terrifying march toward Day Zero, the question of how other cities are managing their water is increasingly important.

  8. Black & Veatch Center Of Excellence In Houston Drives Tunneling, Flood Control Options

    Black & Veatch, a leader in the design and construction management of large-diameter, deep-tunneling projects, announced recently it has created a Center of Excellence in its Houston office to deliver sustainable, cost-effective tunneled solutions. With extensive background in large-scale tunneling projects across Texas, the U.S.

  9. UCLA Study Presents L.A. With A Path To Independence From Imported Water

    During the height of the California drought that began in late 2011, Los Angeles imported 89 percent of its water from more than 200 miles away — an energy-intensive process.

  10. Hackers Target Water Utility Control Systems

    A water utility network in Europe was recently hit by a cyberattack in an example of a vulnerability that is attracting increasing attention in the water industry.