Resiliency News

  1. Report Assesses Mid-Atlantic Coast’s Economic Vulnerability To Climate Change

    The Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO) recently released a first-of-its-kind report at the Mid-Atlantic scale that examines the vulnerabilities of several critical economic sectors to climate change.

  2. Sierra Mountaintop Laboratory Keeps Track Of Some Of The Worst Weather In The Country

    Winds that tear weather gauges from their mountings and blizzards that bury chairlifts - this is the kind of weather that hits Donner Summit, and holds great interest to climatologists, meteorologists, hydrologists and water supply managers as well as creates one of the best regions for skiing in the world.

  3. Effects Of Climate Change On Communally Managed Water Systems Softened By Shared Effort

    Shared fates and experiences in a community can help it withstand changes to water availability due to climate change, a recent study by Sandia National Laboratories researchers found.

  4. Echoing TRITON, CyberX's Innovative ICS Security Research Selected For 'Hackers & Threats' Session At The 2018 RSA Conference

    CyberX, the IIoT and industrial control system (ICS) security company, today announced that it has been selected to present a session titled Mind the Air-Gap: Exfiltrating ICS Data via AM Radios and Hacked PLC Code, at the 2018 RSA Conference next week in San Francisco.

  5. Chemical Leak Injures Water Workers

    Two water plant employees sustained injuries last week due to a chemical leak.

  6. Mississippi River Diversions Will Produce New Land, But More Slowly Than Shoreline Is Lost

    The best solution to sustaining portions of the Mississippi Delta may be river diversions that bring sediment to shrinking coastlines. However, a new study concludes that the rate of land-building will likely be dwarfed by the rate of wetland loss.

  7. Resilient Data Communications Support Reliable Flood Protection In Switzerland

    Extreme weather is becoming increasingly common throughout the world, making flooding a growing threat. Flood defence measures have traditionally been based on mechanical equipment, but innovative automation technology can now be used to provide greater protection for people and the local environment.

  8. DC Water Opens First Leg Of Massive Tunnel System

    Last week the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) commissioned the first major component of the DC Clean Rivers Program ahead of the deadline outlined by the consent decree.

  9. Administrator Pruitt Announces Cooperative Research And Development Agreement

    Recently, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt is announcing a recently signed Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Water-Gen.

  10. Russian Hackers Allegedly Targeting Water Utilities

    The Trump administration claimed on Thursday (March 15) that Russian hackers are attacking U.S. water utilities.