Resiliency News

  1. Timely Water Conference Comes To Cape Town In 2018

    The central theme of the Conference – Breaking barriers, Connecting ideas – seeks to address past, existing and future water resource challenges by promoting collaboration, cooperation and integration within the water sector, explains Jason Mingo, WISA 2018 Technical Committee chair & project manager in the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning.

  2. Florida Treatment Plant Security Guard Shoots Colleague

    Often the target of vandalism and theft, some water and wastewater treatment plants employ robust security measures. In Florida this month, those measures seem to have backfired.

  3. Inland Flood Threat Increasing In South Florida

    As South Florida raises groundwater levels to fight saltwater intrusion, the threat of inland flooding will only increase, according to newly published research results.

  4. Virginia-Based CEO Proposes Bold Initiative To Trump Administration

    With more than half of Puerto Rico still without water, a Virginia entrepreneur has proposed to President Trump and his administration a $1 billion initiative to prepare every home on the island for inevitable future hurricanes that will again leave the island's population without water.

  5. Mid-Atlantic Residents See Ocean Health As Major Economic Issue

    Eight in 10 residents of Mid-Atlantic states believe the ocean and beaches are important to their economies, including 95% of those living in coastal communities.

  6. Sensus FlexNet Communication Network Prepares Utilities For The Unexpected

    The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, which ends November 30, will be remembered as one of the top ten most active in recorded history.

  7. Full Spectrum And AutomaTech Form Partnership For Expansion Into New Industrial Markets

    Full Spectrum Inc., a leading supplier of private licensed wireless data networks, announced recently that it has entered into a strategic partnership with AutomaTech Inc. for the distribution of Full Spectrum's FullMAX wireless network technology into new industrial markets.

  8. AI Models Assist To Forecast Groundwater Depth In Extreme Arid Regions

    Groundwater is an important resource for arid and semi-arid regions and is significantly linked to ecological environments. Groundwater depth (GWD) influences the distribution of vegetation to affect salinization and land desertification.

  9. El Paso Water Saves Space, Cuts Downtime With Siemens 24 V DC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

    El Paso Water (EPWater) has long been recognized as a leader for its innovative water supply strategy. Water professionals from around the world visit the utility to learn about its acclaimed water reuse, inland desalination and conservation methods.

  10. Joint UK-India Research Venture Aims To Improve Water Quality

    A research project into the impact of rainwater harvesting in India on groundwater quality led by Dr Alison Parker from Cranfield University and Dr Anupma Sharma from the National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee, India is among a number of projects to be delivered within the UK-India Water Quality programme.