Resiliency News

  1. Explosion At Chicago Water Reclamation Plant Injures 10

    An explosion at a water reclamation plant in Chicago on August 30 appears to have been caused by methane gas ignited by a worker’s welding torch.

  2. Can Miami’s Aquifer Survive Climate Change?

    Climate change is endangering drinking water resources in Miami-Dade County.

  3. Future Impacts Of El Niño, La Niña Likely To Intensify, Increasing Wildfire, Drought Risk

    When an El Niño or its opposite, La Niña, forms in the future, it's likely to cause more intense impacts over many land regions -- amplifying changes to temperature, precipitation and wildfire risk.

  4. Control System Simulator Helps Operators Learn To Fight Hackers

    A simulator that comes complete with a virtual explosion could help the operators of chemical processing plants – and other industrial facilities – learn to detect attacks by hackers bent on causing mayhem.

  5. Flood-Proof Submersible Actuator Helps Wastewater Treatment Plants Operate In High Water Events

    Emerson recently launched its EIM Aquanaught, a waterproof submersible electric actuator, designed to meet critical isolation demands on wastewater treatment plants during high water conditions.

  6. California Water Managers Vary In Use Of Climate Science, UC Davis Study Finds

    Historically, water managers throughout the thirsty state of California have relied on hydrology and water engineering — both technical necessities — as well as existing drought and flood patterns to plan for future water needs.

  7. NOAA Forecasters Lower Atlantic Hurricane Season Prediction

    Conditions in the ocean and the atmosphere are conspiring to produce a less active Atlantic hurricane season than initially predicted in May, though NOAA and FEMA are raising caution as the season enters its peak months.

  8. New Cyberattacks Against Urban Water Services Can Be Launched Using A Botnet Of Smart Commercial Irrigation Systems – Def Con Presentation

    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) cyber security researchers warn of a potential distributed attack against urban water services that uses a botnet of smart irrigation systems that water simultaneously. A botnet is a large network of computers or devices controlled by a command and control server without the owner’s knowledge.

  9. IU Study Finds Managed Waterways Are Not Isolated From Effects Of Climate Change

    A new study led by researchers at Indiana University has found that modifications such as dams and reservoirs do not isolate rivers and streams in the United States and Canada from the effects of climate change.

  10. Congress Introduces Comprehensive Legislation To Advance Study And Deployment Of Composites In Infrastructure

    The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is pleased to announce that both chambers of Congress have introduced new legislation that takes steps to comprehensively improve the resilience of our nation's energy grid, surface transportation and water infrastructure through the promotion of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and advanced materials.