Resiliency News

  1. USGS Tidal Network Monitoring Elevated Water Levels Off Hampton Roads

    A network of 23 U.S. Geological Survey tide gauges installed throughout Hampton Roads and along the Eastern Shore of Virginia is monitoring elevated water levels caused by Post-Tropical Cyclone Jose.

  2. Northwest’s Rampant Forest Fires Bring Water Quality Issues

    Though hurricanes have been top-of-mind for many of those tracking natural catastrophes and their effects on water supplies, the recent scourge of wildfires in the Northwest has been wreaking havoc as well.

  3. Changes In Non-Extreme Precipitation May Have Not-So-Subtle Consequences

    Extreme floods and droughts receive a lot of attention. But what happens when precipitation -- or lack thereof -- occurs in a more measured way?

  4. Facing A Changing Climate, Report Documents Stormwater Management Efforts In Cities Across The Globe

    The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), in partnership with the Water Research Foundation, recently released a new report entitled Innovative and Integrated Stormwater Management.

  5. Florida Aquastore To Assist With Hurricane Irma Relief

    Florida Aquastore, a leading turnkey provider of water storage and waste water treatment systems throughout Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America is working closely with its clients in the areas impacted by Hurricane Irma to provide disaster relief.

  6. Saving Princeville

    The Princeville, North Carolina, residents gathered at a county administration building last month didn’t need a reminder that their town faces a challenging future as it struggles to recover from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. By David Hunt

  7. Water Utility Officials Continue Responding To Harvey

    Water utility officials in the region struck by Harvey are using an array of safety protocols and strategies to respond to the storm and secure tap water service for residents.

  8. EPA Prepares For Hurricane Irma

    EPA’s organized, emergency response program is preparing for Hurricane Irma, while continuing response efforts around the devastating flooding effects of Hurricane Harvey.

  9. Florida Water Utility Hacked For Customer Account Data

    The U.S. Secret Service is investigating how a hacker managed to steal customer information from a water utility in Margate, FL.

  10. Thompson Pump Readies Emergency Response Team –Braces For Hurricane Irma

    With Hurricane Irma moving closer to the Florida and the U.S, experts at Thompson Pump say this is the time to take action and be ready for a worst-case scenario.