Pump Station Monitoring White Papers and Case Studies

  1. Customized Grundfos Pumping System Reduces Mining Company's Energy Usage By $42,000 Per Year

    In 1862, while prospecting for what was thought to be a vast deposit of silver and gold, John Searles made a serendipitous discovery in this unforgiving and isolated area located southwest of Death Valley.

  2. Decades-Old Storm Water Problem = Solved

    Located 16 miles southeast of Houston, Pasadena, TX, is the second-largest city in Harris County and home to 150,000 residents. Its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means the city receives nearly 55 inches of rain each year, 17 inches above the state median. Combined with Pasadena’s relatively flat topography and poor drainage systems, heavy rainfall can cause flooding and block major highways.

  3. Pilot Studies In North Carolina With Hydrex™ Odor Solutions

    Two municipalities were faced with odor issues and required corrosion prevention in their collection systems. Monitoring in the sewer lines indicated peak H2S atmospheric concentrations of 300-500 ppm. Both clients desired H2S < 20 mg/L to prevent corrosion and preferably lower to prevent H2S odor.

  4. Headworks® Installs Two Enormous MS Series Bar Screens In India

    Shahad Temghar Water Treatment Plant is located along the Shahad River in Maharashtra, India – just 50 km northeast of Mumbai.

  5. Headworks® Steps Up To The Challenge Of Cavernous Screening

    The City of Greater Sudbury is located 390 kilometers (242 miles) north of Toronto and is the seventh largest municipality (by area) in Canada.

  6. MS Series Bar Screen Handles Conditions Where Other Screens Failed

    The Cadiz street Pump Station in Dallas, Texas collects wastewater and pumps it across the Trinity River to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant .

  7. Disneyworld Hong Kong Kept Clean By Headworks® MS Sereis Bar Screens

    Children around the world dream of playing with Mickey Mouse or visiting Sleeping Beauty in her castle. This dream became a reality for many children in Asia last year with the opening of Walt Disneyland Hong Kong.

  8. The Full SCADA Deal: The Benefits Of Adopting A Complete SCADA System Over A Sophisticated RTU-Based Solution

    For over a decade, The Bahamas Water and Sewerage Company (BWSC) faced significant service challenges on the Island of New Providence. These included a lack of centralized monitoring and control for the island’s primary water treatment and distribution system, as well as limited reporting, alarming and remote access.

  9. Replacement Vacuum Feeders For Hypo Treatment End Heavy Feeder Maintenance Burden At WWTP

    The instrumentation supervisor for the City of Baltimore, MD’s 150-MGD Back River wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) reports that replacement of problematic vacuum feeders with more advanced vacuum feed units has ended heavy maintenance burdens associated with sodium hypochlorite (hypo) treatment of plant effluent. By Cliff Lebowitz

  10. Pump Station Bar Screen Saves City $26,000 In Labor

    New Jersey’s Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority had a problem. The utilities authority operates a 5 MGD plant, with wastewater inflow arriving through a 48-in pipe routed 23 feet below grade level. Their manual inflow pump screening setup was difficult and hazardous to clean, and its 2.5” screen spacing let entirely too much non-dispersible waste through. Their 3,000 GPM non-clog pumps were constantly clogging, and workers were repeatedly exposed to a hazardous situation.