Nutrient Removal News

  1. Environmentalists: Permits Allow For Nitrogen Contamination Of Connecticut River

    Springfield, CT, is having significant problems when it comes to its sewage system. It pumps large amounts of pollution into the Connecticut River, which in turn sends it flowing south through the state and into the Long Island Sound.

  2. Wastewater Nutrients Converted Into Clean Fertiliser

    Aalto University's water and environmental technology laboratory gives off an undeniable whiff of the sewer – and this stench has its roots in a failed West African recycling business. By Minna Hölttä

  3. Iowa Considers $850 Million Water Package

    State lawmakers in Iowa are is in the midst of a heated debate over how much money the state should devote to addressing nutrient pollution following years of failed efforts to bolster funding for water quality.

  4. WE&RF Accepting Pre-Proposals For Subscriber Priority Research Program

    The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) is seeking pre-proposals for funding consideration under the 2017 Subscriber Priority Research Program.

  5. Spinoff That Puts Phosphorus In Its Place Signs Key Contract

    In a bit of high-tech judo, a UW–Madison spinoff has started selling a technology to transform phosphorus at wastewater treatment plants from a major headache into an asset. By David Tenenbaum

  6. Black & Veatch’s Global Technology Leader In Wastewater Treatment Joining Houston Regional Office

    Andrew Shaw, a leader in the water and wastewater industry, is relocating to Black & Veatch’s Houston Regional Office with a focus on nutrient removal, sustainability and wastewater reuse.

  7. CNP Technology Water And Biosolids: AirPrex Slated For Q4 2017 Installation At Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant, Medina County, Ohio

    CNP Technology Water and Biosolids Corp. recently announced AirPrex, a sludge optimization and phosphorus recovery process, has been selected for the Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) by the Medina County Sanitary Engineers in Ohio.

  8. Federal Judge Strikes Down Des Moines Pollution Lawsuit

    This month, a federal judge struck down the Des Moines Water Works' pollution lawsuit against drainage districts that are in three northwest Iowa counties.

  9. PENETRON Keeps Sludge Out Of The Concrete At Patapsco

    At Baltimore’s Patapsco facility, one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the U.S.A., PENETRON crystalline technology was applied to the entire biologically activated filter (BAF) system.

  10. CNP Acquires Pre-Digestion Phosphorus Recovery Technology

    CNP - Technology Water and Biosolids Corporation, a division of Centrisys Corporation, announced recently that it has expanded its nutrient recovery technology portfolio by acquiring an exclusive worldwide license for CalPrex, a calcium phosphate (brushite) recovery technology, from Nutrient Recovery & Upscaling LLC (NRU) of Madison, Wis.