1. 10 Water-Tech Winners From WEFTEC 2017

    For the second straight year, the Water Environment Federation Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) came to McCormick Place in Chicago, returning also to the city which launched WEFTEC 90 years ago. As always, it was a showcase of the latest technologies and ideas available in the water/wastewater industry, but each show also has its own "feel" that reflects the times.

  2. What Now? EPA Priorities In The Trump Era

    The U.S. EPA has a job to do despite having its financial and human resources trimmed by the new presidential administration. Three U.S. EPA Office of Water directors, presenting at the 2017 Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) Washington Forum, laid out action plans for addressing the nation's most pressing water-quality threats in a manner that can (or must) achieve results efficiently.

  3. Debate Over Phosphorus Reduction Brews In Utah

    The city of Provo, UT, may have to make a big investment in its phosphorus problem. By 2020, it must assure that every liter of discharge from its municipal treatment plants contain only 1 milligram of phosphorus, as mandated by the state’s Division of Water Quality (DWQ), according to the Daily Herald.

  4. Maryland Electric Utility Must Pay Millions For Wastewater Violation

    Wastewater discharge violations at the two largest coal-fired power plants in Maryland will cost electric utility company NRG Energy a significant chunk of change.

  5. Controversial Proposal Holds Residents Accountable For Nitrogen Pollution

    Residents of Martha’s Vineyard, MA, are debating a controversial potential new regulation, which would hold homeowners responsible for the nitrogen in their wastewater and its impact on area bodies of water, reports the Vineyard Gazette.

  6. Turning Problems Into Profit: WWTP Creatively Solves Phosphorus Challenge

    A Chicago-area wastewater reclamation plant has found an innovative solution for their phosphorus problem. They’re going to turn it into fertilizer, stopping regulatory issues before they start, and eventually making a profit in the process.

  7. Superpower Of Water Research Takes Flight

    While two longstanding water research groups are discontinued, from them a bigger and better organization emerges. Get to know the changing face of water research through this Q&A with Melissa Meeker, CEO of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation.

  8. Cities Across The U.S. Invest In Water Treatment Plan Upgrades

    Although the headlines often highlight the slow pace of progress at water/wastewater utilities, numerous cities throughout the U.S. are investing in water projects.

  9. Virginia Tech Invents Energy-Generating Ammonia Removal Technology

    Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a bacterial “battery,” that may offer both energy generation and ammonia removal and recovery to wastewater treatment facilities.

  10. The Chicago Way: Windy City Water Boss Addresses Top Threats, Solutions

    In many ways, Chicago is a tough act to follow — a world-class city of both great renown and infamy. The latter may engender thoughts of mobsters and political machinations, but when it comes to water, ‘the Chicago way’ is a model of achievement and leadership to be admired.