Latest Insights on Drinking Water Measurement

  1. Where Utilities And AMI Can Live In Perfect Harmony

     While advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) may seem like the wave of the future, there are some things about the revolution that can be intimidating. Many utilities might like more metering information and digital management, but have serious questions about how such a system will fit into current processes and affect the bottom line.

  2. Measuring Innovation: Water Quality Analytics Startups To Watch

    In an industry with more than its share of startup tech companies, Lux Research identifies innovators in water quality analytics that are poised to make a splash.

  3. Pressure Point: Overlooked Pipeline Tech Strengthens Water Distribution Systems

    Water distribution might sound as easy as passing water through pipes, but good municipal managers know better. With failing infrastructure rampant and an increased focus on operational efficiency, water quality, and conservation, distribution systems demand oversight and optimization. 

  4. Monitoring The Future With The Latest Sensor Tech

    Doctors have their stethoscopes, plumbers have their wrenches, and accountants have their calculators. More often than we would care to admit, professionals are only as good as their tools. For water utilities, staying on top of water quality means taking advantage of the cutting edge in sensor technologies.

  5. The Zen Of Smart Pressure Management: Calming Water Distribution Networks

    Over recent years, water companies around the world have enhanced their ability to control the pressure of water in their distribution networks to improve customer service and achieve environmental savings.

  6. 10 Tips For Accurate Disinfection

    Disinfection can rightly be called the “ultimate” stage of drinking water treatment — typically occurring at the end of the process, and acting as a final step before water is sent out of the plant, through the pipes, and into the world. It may come last, but it’s certainly not least.

  7. Technological Breakthroughs Driving Growth Of Water Quality Monitoring

    Advances in technology, including miniature sensors and robotic fish, are leading a rapid advance in online smart monitoring of the quality of water in both municipal and industrial systems across the world.

  8. New Challenge: Put Technology To Work To Protect Drinking Water

    You likely remember when, this past summer, half a million people who live in the Toledo, Ohio, area were told not to drink the water coming out of their taps for several days. A state of emergency was declared because of a harmful algal bloom, which released toxins into the water that could have made many people ill.

  9. Drinking Water Protection — Are We Doing It Right?

    “We have analytical instruments that can see things in astronomically small numbers, but are we looking for the right things?”

  10. Top 7 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Water Level Meter

    Choosing a good water level meter can be tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time.