Latest Insights on Drinking Water Measurement

  1. Maintaining Data Acquisition Capabilities Through Storms, Cyber Attacks

    Not all technology holds up during a weather emergency. Electricity often fails, communication methods are compromised, and computer networks go offline.

  2. Instrumentation Do's And Don'ts For The Water Industry

    To say that instrumentation, automation, and control are key to the modern wastewater industry is somewhat of an understatement.  With growing populations, tighter consent parameters, and the need to do more for less, operational efficiency is more and more important. 

  3. Laboratory Analysis Demystified

    Most people have no idea how critical getting a good sample is, and how hard it is in general to get really good data.  The analytical process for almost anything we test for has so many steps – each of which compounds any deviations or discrepancies made in the previous steps – that it’s vitally important to be as accurate and precise in each step along the way in order to get good, meaningful data in the end. By Patrick Vowell, Water Quality Engineer, Golden State Water Company

  4. Level Measurement Showdown: Ultrasonic Vs. Radar

     In the level measurement world, there is a rivalry between the two most commonly used measurement instruments: ultrasonic, which uses sound-based measurement, and radar, which uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to determine distance.

  5. EPA Goes 'Next Generation' With Regulatory Compliance Program

    Inspired by new technology and an evolved philosophy, the EPA changes its approach to pollution-control rulemaking and compliance.

  6. Should You Trash Your Flow Meter?

    Generally speaking, market research reports aren’t terribly exciting reads, but they are at times enlightening. Studies on how specific technologies are being applied can reveal trends for the industries they serve — for example, flow meters in water and wastewater. I recently came across some interesting analysis on the subject, homing in on what they reveal about our corner of the world.