Labor Solutions & Insights for Utility Managers

  1. Math Solutions: Most Popular 2014 Calculations

    Water Online takes a look back at 2014’s most sought-after “Math Solutions,” presented by wastewater consultant and trainer Dan Theobald (“Wastewater Dan”).

  2. Project Engineer vs. Maintenance — A Valve And Pump Enclosure Tug-Of-War

    Spec a pump enclosure once, live with it for years.

  3. Tips For Training Today’s Operator — And Making It Stick

    Introducing three training trends that improve operators’ understanding and plant performance

  4. Math Solutions: More Flow Rate Conversion Calculations

    This edition of Water Online’s “Math Solutions” series, presented by wastewater consultant and trainer Dan Theobald (“Wastewater Dan”), instructs operators on flow rate conversion calculations.

  5. Outsourcing Water: Which Model Is Right For Your Plant?

    Outsourcing water management at industrial plants is not a simple all-or-nothing decision. Instead, when looking to outsource, industrial plant managers have a variety of models to choose from to meet their needs, each with its own benefits as well as trade-offs. Here is what to consider when deciding what and how to outsource.

  6. Applying High-Performance Organization Concepts To Your Public Works Department

    Public works managers often strive to improve their performance and optimize resources. One way to achieve this is to follow the process of becoming a high-performance organization (HPO).

  7. Everything You Need To Know About Membrane Replacement

    In this short tutorial, an expert from GE Water & Process Technologies talks about membrane replacement -- when to replace them, how to do it, and much more. You'll also hear from a GE customer to see why they replaced their membranes and what happened as a result.

  8. Training The Next Generation Of Operators

    St. Cloud Technical and Community College’s WETT program prepares students for careers as water and wastewater plant operators with a 95 percent placement average.

  9. Math Solutions: Hydraulic Loading Calculations

    This tool for operators, represented through video tutorials, offers mathematical templates to master the hydraulic loading gallons per day per square foot by evaluating the incoming flow and surface area.

  10. How New Jersey American Water Uses Fleet Management To Lower Fuel Costs, Optimize Scheduling

    New Jersey American Water is a subsidiary of American Water Works & Guarantee Company. It was founded in 1886 and has been servicing customers and communities for more than 125 years. New Jersey American Water provides high-quality water and wastewater service to 600,000 customers in six counties using a fleet of 600 vehicles.