Industrial Videos

  1. Small SEPAREL® EF Series

    The small SEPAREL EF series is optimized to remove dissolved gases in water applications with smaller flow rates. The EF series uses external flow which allows water to randomly flow over the hollow fibers and, in turn, contact dissolved gases more frequently. Therefore, desgassing performance with the EF series is higher than the PF series which utilizes internal flow. This video explains how the EF series works.

  2. SEPAREL® Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules For Liquid Degasification And Aeration

    A proprietary technology of the DIC Corporation, SEPAREL hollow fiber membrane modules are optimized for degassing and aerating water. By utilizing an innovative surface skin layer, only gas can permeate in or out of the membrane. This video introduces the benefits of SEPAREL and where is it most commonly used.

  3. SITRANS P: Offering 100% Dependability Under Pressure

    Every process, every infrastructure and every environmental condition brings with it specific requirements. That’s why we provide you a complete device family with SITRANS P pressure transmitters featuring a range of performance levels, load capacities and materials.

  4. Waste-To-Energy: Processing Plant Purifies Wastewater And Sells Energy

    Learn how Fluence helped improve Italcanditi’s wastewater treatment capabilities by adding waste-to-energy with an EFC anaerobic reactor.

  5. Start-up Of The Newest Jacobi Carbons Facility In The Philippines (Video)

    The Jacobi Carbons Philippines facility will be the world’s largest coconut shell activated carbon plant with a new level of automation.

  6. VIS Multiphase Flowmeter

    The VIS multiphase flowmeter can measure oil, gas and water in one real-time stream. The VIS is low maintenance requiring no calibration and is backed by a global ABB service network. 

  7. SMART Digital Dosing Video

    Grundfos SMART Digital pumps offer exciting technology with clear advantages over other metering pumps that are easily understood and demonstrated. SMART digital dosing pumps DDA, DDC, DDE offers cost-effective, precise feed solutions with modularity, simplicity, and flow intelligence. With our vast knowledge of the markets and processes of water treatment, we possess the ability to adapt to customer requirements and tackle nearly any problem with a SMART solution.

  8. Grundfos iSOLUTIONS: Dosing and Disinfection

    As customers demand better performance, reliability and energy efficiency in their pumps, Grundfos has a new approach to optimization. It is not just about the pump any more, but a better system control and design. Seamless connectivity relays the intelligence of Grundfos iSOLUTIONS. With a comprehensive range of communication offerings for both system integration and remote management, the user gets control and monitoring solutions that minimize time spent on data collection and maintenance.

  9. Decentralized Wastewater Treatment For Remote Mining Locations

    Fluence provided a packaged wastewater treatment plant for the Boleo Mine. The water treated is used for dust suppression around the mining operation, and the concentrated sludge can be safely handled.

  10. Trident® HS Package Water Treatment Plant Video

    There are four stages in the Trident HS package treatment system, which provides multi-barrier protection for difficult-to-treat surface water, groundwater, industrial process water, and tertiary wastewater.