Aqua Caiman® Articulating Rake Screen

Source: Parkson Corporation

The Aqua Caiman® represents the next generation of multi-rake mechanical bar screens. In designing the screen, Parkson combined over 40 years of experience working on thousands of in-channel screen installations with in-depth market and engineering research. This allowed us to better understand the weaknesses of existing multi-rake and articulating rake screens. Our engineers put design expertise into components where strength matters the most – the frame, bars and chain. They also provided a smart design to reduce manufacturing costs. The result is the most competitively priced multi-rake bar screen that provides unmatched durability, ease of operation and protection of downstream process equipment. The Aqua Caiman consists of multiple rakes attached to chain links, which have a unique geometry and produce an articulating belt assembly. This flexible assembly not only allows the rakes to handle large solids with ease, but also eliminates the need for a bearing in the bottom of the treatment channel. The Aqua Caiman uses an optimized bar shape, providing increased cross support and frame strength while reducing headloss across the screen. The patent pending True-Engage® bar fastening system enhances the effectiveness of the teardrop shaped bars. This system allows the bars to be 100% cleaned by rake penetration – and they are easily replaced in the rare occurrence they become damaged. The True-Track® chain positioner allows for in-place chain positioning once the mechanical bar screen is installed and eliminates need for a hoist throughout the entire life of the screen. This increases operational safety while easing maintenance requirements.

Visit the Aqua Caiman webpage for additional information and Parkson’s YouTube channel to view more videos.