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  1. New AMERICAN Flow Control IP16 Indicator Post Is User Friendly And Saves Customers Time And Money

    Earlier this year, AMERICAN Flow Control introduced its new IP16 indicator post with key features designed to save customers and installers time and money.

  2. Graphene Could Reduce Odour And Corrosion In Wastewater Network

    UNSW researchers are collaborating with Sewer Venting and Crane Hire Services (SVSR) to look at the potential for graphene oxide to be applied to wastewater collection networks.

  3. SOR Adds A Submersible Level Transmitter Model To The 800 Series Pressure Transmitters

    SOR Inc. continues to invest in the expansion of its 800 Series pressure transmitters by releasing the new 815LT Submersible Smart Level Transmitter.

  4. Local Company Has The Solution To Microfiber Pollution

    Plastic microfibers from our clothing are in our waterways, food, drinking water, and even beer according to many recent studies. Much of this pollution problem starts in our homes when we do laundry as thousands of tiny fibers are shed in each load of laundry.

  5. The Water Main Presents Research On How Americans Relate To Water: Want To Engage Them? Start With What Matters To Them

    American Public Media’s water initiative, The Water Main, recently announced findings in a study focused on Americans’ perceptions on water, a topic for which there is little existing research.

  6. NARUC Recognizes Regulatory Innovation At Annual Meeting And Education Conference

    The National Association of Regulatory and Utility Commissioners honored regulatory and industry innovators during the opening general ceremony at its Annual Meeting and Education Conference.

  7. Ampac USA Shares The World's Leading Water Treatment Technology

    The United States of America is a very vast country with its regions ranging from freezing cold to scorching heat. But on an average, the country receives and the annual rainfall of 715 mm as of a 2014 study exactly as it was in 1962.

  8. Arden Media Company On How To Buy And Sell A Smart City

    The problem with smart cities is no one wants to buy them. Because no one knows how to sell them. The technology is proven, but the commercial models are only just emerging.

  9. Floodwater In Rivers Affects Vulnerability To Waterborne Diseases

    In sub-Saharan Africa, diarrheal disease, a preventable and treatable illness, remains the second-leading cause of death in children under the age of five, as well as an overall public health threat.

  10. PolyCera Featured On 'Worldwide Business with kathy ireland'

    PolyCera, Inc., which designs and manufactures innovative organic metal membrane technology solutions serving the global water, wastewater and process separation markets, will be featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.