GF Piping Media

  1. Ultrasonic Level Sensors Measuring Performance

    Radar Level Transmitter Types 2290 and 2291 incorporate advanced radar sensing technology designed for high accuracy tank level measurement in a wide range of chemical processing and water treatment applications. The addition of radar technology to the company’s existing ultrasonic and hydrostatic sensors now provides three different level measurement technologies to meet virtually any level requirement. Watch the video demonstration to learn more.

  2. New GF Product Lines Announced At WEFTEC

    Brian LaBelle, Director of Business Development for GF Piping Systems, provides Kevin Westerling with a tour of the Company’s WEFTEC.16 booth. Some of the new products on display include a dual channel transmitter, a series of electric actuators, a lug-style butterfly valve and a double containment piping system.

  3. How To Select The Right Pipe Material

    In this Water Online Radio interview, Brian LaBelle, Director of Business Development, Water Treatment and Energy, George Fischer Piping Systems, explains how to select the correct piping material for your system. As LaBelle explains, pressure, temperature and chemical compatibility should all be considered alongside dimensions and application.

  4. GF Piping Systems: One Company, Many Offerings

    George Fischer has consolidated their approach to the market to become more efficient and unified than ever.

  5. Double Containment Piping Systems And Other Innovations From WEFTEC 2014

    In this exclusive Water Online video from WEFTEC 2014, Brian LaBelle of GF Piping Systems discusses the breadth of the Company’s product portfolio from pipe, fittings and joining technology to manual and actuated valves, sensors and instrumentation.

  6. Piping Gets ‘Disruptive’ With New Tech

    “Success in this age depends not on what has worked in the past but on embracing new transformative thinking and embracing change at all levels,” says Brian Labelle of GF Piping Systems in a recent interview with Water Online radio.

  7. Emerging Water Loss Regulations Open The Doors For Innovation

    For a long time the focus in the drinking water space has been on water quality. While this is extremely important, there is another pressing water issue that should take the forefront.

  8. How One Company Delivers Piping Hot Results

    Brian LaBelle, Director of Business Development for Georg Fischer Piping Systems, discusses building customer loyalty through an emphasis on product quality and systems integration.

  9. Trillion Dollar Investment Needed To Bring Current Water Assets Up To Standard

    Brian Labelle of GF Piping Systems shares his thoughts on the trends in the water industry.

  10. Teaching An Old Plant New Tricks: How Turbidity Meters Modernize Operations

    Jeff Bronowski, water supply bureau manager for the city of Akron, OH, sits down with Todd and Todd of Water Online Radio to discuss the trials and tribulations associated with keeping an aging plant and treatment process (both are 100 years old) in compliance with overall safety regulations and the turbidity standards set forth by the EPA — while simultaneously maintaining customer satisfaction. Listen in as Bronowski explains how the plant overcame those challenges and the benefits it reaped as a result.