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Source: GF Piping Systems
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George Fischer has consolidated their approach to the market to become more efficient and unified than ever. Brian Labelle, Director of Business Development, Water Treatment, and Energy for Georg Fischer Piping systems, told Water Online Radio, “It really helps us serve the market from top to bottom: underground with our HDPE pipe all the way on up, in through the plant with our sensors and instrumentation for monitoring a variety of things.”

The company spends a great deal of time working directly with engineering firms, and one of the services they offer is the GF Technology seminar series, which is one way that they can educate the market about what their broad portfolio is all about,. As LaBelle stated, “Oftentimes, you get just an hour at an engineering firm to tell them who you are, what you do, where you're located, get into your product portfolio, the applications, and next thing you know, the hour is gone. You've talked too fast to let anything sink in, so we divided the portfolio into modules.”

GF Technology Seminars is a multi-part series that begins with an introduction to GF … who we are, what we do, and continues with Automation Technologies and Designing with Plastics modules, each one hour in length given by subject matter experts with personalized PDH (CEU) certificates available, if desired.

Because of the recent consolidation of three companies into the GF Piping, one benefit is that GF Piping offers such a variety of materials in their portfolio that they can talk specifically about the unique problems, issues, and challenges around a given application and make a recommendation knowing it’s the ‘right’ kind of material for the job, instead of working from a narrow selection of materials. You come to GF Piping Systems and get a neutral material recommendation, and you can be sure that the recommendation is really the best system for your application.

Click the radio player to hear the full interview and learn more about GF Technology Seminars, or other products and services the company has to offer.

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