Drinking Water Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Membrane Filtration Water Treatment Plant Meets Hotel Complex's Needs

    The Little America West Hotel complex located near the town of Granger, Wyoming, used an outdated surface water treatment plant that provided poor quality water during storm events.

  2. Targeted Algal Management Plan To Address Taste And Odor Problem

    Lake John Hay is located six miles northwest of Salem, Indiana and is used for drinking water and tournament and recreational fishing. With an average depth of 14-15 feet, it is ideal for algae and plant growth. The persistent, recurring algae blooms was causing taste and odor problems, which led to frequent complaints.

  3. CleanFlo™ Monoscreen® Case Study

    When the polar bears at the Brookfield Zoo were introduced to their new habitats at the Great Bear Wilderness, they had no idea how much more fulfilling their life would become.

  4. Case Study: Leveraging Data To Optimize Operations And Manage Budgetary Pressure
    Budgetary pressure on water utilities continues to grow due to factors such as new infrastructure demands, increasing regulatory compliance requirements, and the scarcity or declining quality of source water. By Gabi Miles, Hach Company
  5. Ozone Makes A Comeback

    Ozone has been a proven effective method of water treatment and disinfection for well over a century.

  6. White Paper: Impact Of HTA Dosing On Vent Stream Acidity Of An Acid Dosed MSF Plant
    As a part of the HTA dosing trial, a vent and distillate sampling system was designed to monitor acidity due to carbon dioxide in the MSF plant. This paper will discuss the results of the HTA dosing trial with respect to the effect on venting and corrosion.
  7. New Membrane Technology Handles High Solids, Aids Water Reuse

    As global conditions place more stress on water resources, a great deal of attention is being paid to water reuse technologies, particularly those that facilitate the reuse of the next level of difficult-to-treat or highly variable raw water sources.

  8. Factors Affecting Treatment Of Iron, Manganese And Hydrogen Sulfide With Chlorination And Manganese Dioxide

    There are different treatment processes used to remove iron and manganese from groundwater for potable water supplies.  While there are various less commonly used treatment methods available (such as ion exchange), most treatment systems for iron and manganese oxidize the ferrous soluble state of iron to a ferric state so the solid particles can then be filtered out.  

  9. Rural Water Corporation Solves Chloramine Residual Issue

    Bluebonnet Rural Water Corporation (BRWC), a subsidiary of Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, serves approximately 1,094 water meters in northeast Washington County, TX, but had a water storage problem not unfamiliar to even the largest water utilities in Texas.

  10. Basin Nozzle Manifold Contacting System Installation Remediates Taste And Odor Compounds, Meets Disinfection Goals

    A water quality audit revealed that two of the largest drinking water plants in the City of Montreal were out of compliance with Quebec’s latest water quality rules. Both drinking water facilities were located in heavily populated areas; consequently, plant modifications had to be accomplished within their existing infrastructure footprints.