Drinking Water Flow Control and Measurement Videos

  1. How Thermal Mass Flow Meter Technology Works

    In this NEW video from Sierra, you’ll learn the operational principles of thermal dispersion mass flow technology.

  2. Suggested Install Points For Level, Flow, And Volume Measurement

    Increased public health standards for safe drinking water and stronger environmental regulations for responsible energy management are driving the need for process improvements across the industry. Watch this video to learn where to position level, flow, and volume instrumentation products from Magnetrol, such as the R82 Pulse Burst Radar Transmitter, the Thermatel TA2 Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meter, and the Polaris Electromagnetic Flow Meter to help improve efficiency and safety at your water or wastewater plant.

  3. Calibration Verification Test Ensures Accurate Flow Meter Results

    Before using a new flow meter for the first time, operators frequently want to test it in the field to make sure it is properly calibrated. Magnetrol has developed a method for quick and accurate calibration verification on site. In this video, learn how to make sure your Magnetrol Thermatel Model TA2 flow meter is within calibration.

  4. Flow Meter Calibration And Accreditation Standards

    Accreditation is an important part of flow meter calibration standards. Watch this video to see Rich Lowrie, Water and Wastewater Industry Manager at KROHNE, discuss global calibration accreditation standards and flow rig accuracy for the industry.

  5. Electromagnetic Flow Meter Uses “Heartbeart” Technology For Seamless Measurement

    In this video, learn how new “heartbeart” technology from Endress+Hauser can benefit professionals in the water and wastewater industry. The Promag W 400 electromagnetic flow meter implements on-demand verification, monitoring, and continuous diagnostics to provide seamless documentation for regulatory compliances.

  6. Video: Monitoring Water Consumption

    KROHNE's Joe Incontri discusses monitoring water consumption and the importance of accurate and reliable meters. Water savings means green savings.

  7. Video: OPTIMASS

    OPTIMASS the new family of Coriolis mass flowmeters is now improving performance in more applications for more customers than ever before.

  8. Video: Variable Area Flowmeters

    Variable area flowmeters from KROHNE offer not only the maximum possible accuracy but also maximum reliability.