Drinking Water Filtration Podcasts

  1. Upgrading Filtration In Your Water Treatment Plant

    As utilities grapple to do more with less, many manufacturers are creating novel retrofit products that can work within the current footprint of a treatment facility.

  2. Biological Filtration For Drinking Water Treatment Takes Off

    Biottta is a relatively new biological filtration process for drinking water treatment, addressing nitrates, perchlorates, chromium-6 and a number of VOCs as well. In this Water Online Radio interview, AdEdge Water Technologies’ Chad Miller and Rich Cavagnaro discuss its emergence in the water treatment market and some of the specific contaminants it addresses.

  3. Activated Carbon And Ion Exchange Resins Compared

    Andy McClure and Jim Knepper of Jacobi Carbon recently sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the differences between activated carbon and ion exchange resins as mediums for water purification. The interview covered recent developments such as the lowering of the EPA’s health advisory level for perflourinated compounds and cyanotoxins from algal blooms to the more traditional concerns of taste, odor, disinfection byproducts and TOC reduction.

  4. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon For Removing PFOA And PFOS

    Coconut shell activated carbon is typically used for filtration in cleaner waters. Its alternatives are coal-based or wood-based carbon. With the recently published EPA guidelines on perfluorinated compounds, Water Online Radio sat down with Neal Megonnell, Senior Vice President for Haycarb USA, to understand coconut shell activated carbon’s application in fighting PFOA and PFOS.

  5. Filters For Corrosive Environments

    Forsta Filters designs and fabricates automatic self-cleaning water filters. Polly Stenberg, Director of Sales for the Los Angeles, CA-based company, recently sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the Company’s fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) series. As Stenberg explains, the filters answer an increasing need for equipment to handle corrosive environments, predominantly brackish, brine and seawater.

  6. Microbial Water Analysis No Longer Requires Lab

    According to Dave Tracey, Director of Sales with LuminUltra, the missing link in water quality field analysis has always been microbiology. According to Tracey, there are plenty of handheld tools for delivering quick reads on physical and chemical parameters such as pH, turbidity and color but microbiology has always been sent to the lab. Until now that is.

  7. True BLEU: Underdrain Concept And Design By Tonka Water

    Rick Mann, VP of sales with Tonka Water, shares details on an underdrain system that can fit into any plant – and is built to last.

  8. Simple, Low-Cost Media Filtration In A Compact Package

    Neptune Benson provides a wide range of filters and UV products for disinfection in both water and wastewater.

  9. The Growth Of A Carbon Company

    Jacobi Carbons Inc., the largest worldwide manufacturer of coconut shell activated carbon, will be celebrating it’s 100th birthday in 2016.

  10. Fixing A Filter Backwashing Problem

    Parkson Corporation's Dave Chew discusses the latest in sand filtration, the smarter continuous backwashing filter.