Chemical-Free AOP Technology


Most advanced oxidation processes require chemicals—but not Photo-Cat.

Photo-Cat., from Purifics, is a photocatalytic membrane system that destroys organic pollutants in an environmentally friendly way. It doesn’t produce wastewater and adds no harmful chemicals to the sludge.

Purifics president Brian Butters sat down with Water Online Radio to talk about the unique technology.

“Most AOP’s use chemicals oxidants. They may mix them with other chemicals to cause a reaction,” says Butters in the interview with Water Online Radio. “That can cause some challenges with residuals left in the water. Purifics has an AOP that doesn’t require chemical oxidants.”

The technology was originally utilized primarily for groundwater remediation, removing pharmaceutical constituents, and endocrine-destructing chemicals in nature. The audience for the technology has since expanded, and it is now also used for drinking water treatment, disinfection and sterilization, zero discharge applications, industrial process wastewater, high purity water, bilge and ballast water, and reuse and recharge applications.

“It’s growing fairly fast as people become more and more concerned about what’s in their water,” says Butters.

For the full Water Online interview with Butters click below

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