Drinking Water Distribution News

  1. Aquam Makes Senior Appointments To Industrial Team

    Global pipeline infrastructure company Aquam Technologies has strengthened its UK team for industrial and commercial markets with three senior appointments this year.

  2. Improve Pipeline Construction Quality With This Ground-Breaking Technology

    “The Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration, a branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation has identified material, weld and construction quality as a major source of leaks during commissioning hydrostatic pressure tests, the first years of operations and later in the life of a pipeline. PHMSA’s findings indicate a need for better quality assurance in the pipeline construction industry.”

  3. City Of Waco Signs Contract With Itron To Improve Water Efficiency And Reduce Water Loss

    Itron, Inc. which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, signed a contract with the City of Waco, Texas to install Itron’s OpenWay Riva IoT solution, including smart water communication modules and leak sensors, to reduce water loss and improve water delivery for the utility’s nearly 45,000 customers.

  4. USDA Invests In Water And Wastewater Infrastructure In 46 States

    Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett  recently announced that USDA is investing $1.2B (PDF, 509 KB) to help rebuild and improve rural water infrastructure for 936,000 rural Americans living in 46 states.

  5. Grundfos Collaborates With Cambodia To Improve Water Security

    Global pumps leader Grundfos and the Ministry of Industry & Handicraft, Cambodia recently confirmed that they will exchange a Letter of Intent to strengthen cooperation in water management, in an effort to reduce the cost of water and increase access to clean, quality water in the country.

  6. Utilis Awarded Contract In Flint

    Flint, MI has taken a step towards ensuring the stability of their water system by partnering with Utilis in the fall of 2018 to locate leaks in their potable systems. This along with other city initiatives such as FAST START, are helping Flint regain their reputation as water conservation and quality leaders.

  7. Edinburgh Water Firm Wins International Award For Digital Transformation

    Edinburgh based water retailer, Business Stream has won a top international award recognising its innovative approach to customer service.

  8. National Infrastructure Commission Responds To Government Announcement On Tackling Drought

    Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced plans to improve the resilience of England’s water supply and set a clear target to halve water leakages by 2050 – matching a key recommendation by the National Infrastructure Commission.

  9. Protecting Pumps In Hazardous Areas Easily And Reliably Against Dry Running

    A new type of detection technology from Siemens protects centrifugal pumps from dry running in hazardous areas. For this purpose, the corporation has developed special current/voltage detection modules for its Simocode pro motor management system.

  10. New AMERICAN Flow Control IP16 Indicator Post Is User Friendly And Saves Customers Time And Money

    Earlier this year, AMERICAN Flow Control introduced its new IP16 indicator post with key features designed to save customers and installers time and money.