1. Sigma Control 2 Brochure

    Kaeser Compressors has revolutionized compressed air controls with the sigma Control2.

  2. At A Glance: Products For A Complete Air System Brochure

    Kaeser’s complete line of air system products includes industrial electric and portable gasoline and diesel rotary screw compressors with the highly efficient Sigma Profile™, rotary lobe and screw blowers, compressed air boosters, and vacuum packages.

  3. A New Paradigm For Funding

    Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) releases a new report card on the state of our nation’s infrastructure, and their 2013 grade for both water and wastewater was a “D”.  That report estimated that the infrastructure needed $3.6 trillion in investment by 2020.  I do not look for a significant movement in our current grade for either water or wastewater with the 2017 report when it is released this year, because the funding at the level required to significantly change our infrastructure has not been made except at a few local utilities.

  4. Sticking With Innovation That Works: Steinbach, Manitoba’s Plant Upgrade

    Steinbach is the third largest city in Manitoba and one of the fastest growing census agglomeration areas in Canada with a population of about 50,000 people. Though Steinbach is primarily an agricultural community, it is also the regional economic hub of southeastern Manitoba. Due to the age of the wastewater control system, the city decided it was time for some new technology. This profile will describe the process of that upgrade and why they chose VTScada.

  5. Meeting The Communications Challenges Of Harsh Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Environments

    Using ruggedized fiber optic cable, connectors, and enclosures can ensure that network communications run reliably at high speed — far into the future.

  6. Math Solutions: Certification Examination Prep Calculations

    While it is natural to be worried about the unknown, being apprehensive can lead to less achievement. Conversely, knowing what to expect more likely leads to relaxation and accomplishment — and can ultimately help you pass the exam.

  7. Florida County Partners With The WateReuse Association To Find The Best Use For Reclaimed Drinking Water

    In 2016 Hillsborough County Public Utilities, a forward thinking organization, initiated the first direct potable reuse pilot project in Florida. In its efforts to utilize 100 percent of its reclaimed water, the progressive utility created a successful program to effectively suspend surface water discharges. Read the full case study to learn more.

  8. Safe, Energy Efficient Disinfection For 45 MGD Combined Sewer WWTP Improves Water Quality

    The Hudson River, in the Capital District of Albany, NY, is a popular recreational area for boating, swimming and fishing. Unfortunately combined sewer overflows following storm events and snow melt from sewer systems dating back to the 1800’s were causing increased fecal coliform counts which in turn resulted in health alerts and limited access to the river. After considering several alternatives, the Albany County Sewer District selected a Wedeco Duron 60i2-2.5X4, with high power Ecoray 600W lamps, for their disinfection system.

  9. An Open Letter To Michelle Obama On Water

    Now that you have returned to the role of private citizen — though, admittedly you are a private citizen with millions of eyes focused on you — I want to encourage you to continue your great work promoting the health of our nation’s children. Your emphasis on exercise and nutrition, jobs and support for veterans, and education have touched millions of Americans of all ages and all backgrounds. Now it’s time to bring in the most common denominator and the first step toward good health — access to clean water.

  10. Saving Energy And Doubling Worldwide Water Supplies – One Drip At A Time

    On a warm December day, I stood in a jojoba field in the Negev Desert in southern Israel and watched water slowly seep up from the ground around the trees. First a tiny spot, then spreading, watering the plants from deep below. This highly efficient system is known as drip irrigation, and I was there to meet with the world’s leading drip irrigation company, Israel-based Netafim.