1. Combining Decentralized And Centralized Wastewater Treatment Strategies To Solve Community Challenges

    To sustain the environment and smart community growth while protecting public health, engineers, municipal health officials, and regulators need innovative wastewater treatment solutions. The latest evolution of decentralized systems can efficiently handle residential and commercial daily flows and are a cost-effective alternative to the large, centralized wastewater treatment plants of the past. 

  2. How Tech Can Conserve And Improve Access To Water

    As South Africa commemorates National Water Week from March 17 to 23 to highlight the scarcity of this vital resource, municipalities and utilities around the country are increasingly turning to technology to help them with both conservation and expanding accessibility to more communities.

  3. A Multimillion-Dollar Project Gets A Fresh Look Through Students’ Eyes

    CU engineering students tackle real-world design challenges at new Denver Water treatment plant.

  4. Improving Resilience In AMP7

    ‘Resilience’ — in terms of delivering resilient water and wastewater services focused on preventing floods and pollution — is one of the key words when it comes to preparing for AMP7. As an industry, we can do this by implementing monitoring systems that provide robust and accurate data that then enables the water company to effectively manage and measure the health of their network and its assets.

  5. Water Projects Get Funding Boosts Nationwide

    After a long period of totally inadequate funding for critical water projects, the tide appears to be turning and funding is becoming more readily available.

  6. EPA's Plan To Regulate Chemical Contaminants In Drinking Water Is A Drop In The Bucket

    After more than a year of community meetings and deliberations, the U.S. EPA announced in February 2019 that it would begin the process of regulating two drinking water contaminants, seeking to stem a growing national public health crisis. If EPA follows through, this would be the first time in nearly 20 years that it has set an enforceable standard for a new chemical contaminant under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

  7. Aging Water Infrastructure Solutions Handbook

    In the Aging Water Infrastructure Solutions Handbook, you’ll learn how to prevent water loss and non-revenue water. You’ll also read about success stories to combat water loss with technology that impacts water at the source, at the plant, below the ground, on the street, and in the cloud. The handbook also features insight from experts on smart technologies and spotlights on solutions that will help utilities reign in water loss.

  8. The Journey Of Water — Lego Style

    Remember when Legos were introduced as simple rectangular and square plastic bricks you used to build walls and towers?

  9. Tips For Establishing Partnerships To Solve Water Challenges

    With U.S. municipalities in major need of water and wastewater infrastructure investment, public-private partnerships offer a pathway to project initiation and success.

  10. Sustainability And Asset Management In Action

    Asset management plans — and planners — must adapt to the challenges and needs of tomorrow, where sustainability is required for prosperity.